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Oct 25 2017

Keep Calm When You Hit the Throttle: FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY RX4770 M4 Breaks SPECpower World Record!


OK, here is a task: Think of your favorite car. Have you thought about a Mustang? The latest Audi TT? Alternatively, a Porsche 911? Whichever it was, you know the thrill when you hit the throttle and accelerate, get the most performance out, smell the rubber on the street and gasoline on your hands.

But... there's always this little 'but' connected to that feeling: Just as you you feel the excitement grow, you can watch how the fuel gauge goes down. And where does it lead? To discussions with your passengers, accusations of acting childish, irresponsible and so on...

Now, when it comes to compute solutions, the general equation is quite similar: The more 'horse power' a system provides, the more 'fuel' (read: energy) is needed. The good news is that Fujitsu found a way to resolve the assumed contradiction: We also hit the throttle on our latest PRIMERGY RX4770 M4 and accelerated. However, at the same time, we kept the energy consumption low so that we were able to break the current world record for 4-socket servers. And thus, we won this race with an outstanding score of 11,886 in SPEC's SPECpower_ssj2008.

Maybe you thought about buying a BMW i8 or a Tesla. Perhaps this comes a little closer now. In the end, your passengers will be happy with the right choice. :-)

For more details, please find the results at the SPEC website and read our blog.


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