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Primegry TX300 S6 Error: Preparing for Update Failed
04.06.2015, 03:55
Hi I have recently installed our TX300 S6. I am having repeated trouble installing updates.
I am attempting to apply updates through ServerView System Monitor. Each time I am notified of an update and select it to be installed I receive the error: Preparing for Update failed.

all assistance welcomed.

08.06.2015, 15:33
( 6 )
Hi Avoca,

The first thing to do is to check the software agents and the iRMC FW state. Sometimes it is helpful to perform these upgrades separately, for example via ASP Package, TFTP Flash or USB stick. The iRMC firmware should be version 5.76A; ServerView software agents should be version 7.10.06 - 1.0.1. All required updates can be found at:

In case the problem persists or if other issues occur, please run Primecollect (Start->All Programms-> Fujitsu ServerView Suite->Agents-> PrimeCollect) and send us the results for further analysis.

With best regards

Thomas Community Manager
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