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Fujitsu part !!
29.05.2015, 17:10

Please let me know how can I confirm if the received Seagate HDD from the client is of fujitsu spare or is from fujitsu's inventory !!! Sad

prompt response awaited !!


Best Regards
08.06.2015, 12:35
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Hi Aerial,

The easiest method for confirmation is to check the firmware -- if the drive has Fujitsu firmware on it, it's most likely from our inventory Wink. If the HDD is stored in a cage for hot-plugging, then that's an indicator, too.

In case any further problems occur, please let us know the firmware version, and we'll help as best we can.

Please forgive the late reply, we'll be faster in future.

Best regards

08.06.2015, 13:01

Can it be checked by serial no., part no, ... to get the firmware it needs to be plugged in the enclosure !!

Any other way !!!

Best Regards
09.06.2015, 09:16  /  Latest edited: 09.06.2015, 09:26
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Hi Aerial,

The best/easiest way would be to check the server delivery note if it's still at hand -- if the drive isn't listed there, then the HDD most likely isn't from Fujitsu.

If that doesn't work or you still have doubts, don't hesitate to start an inquiry at your local service desk. The contact details can be found at:

Alternatively, you may open a ticket with hardware support and check the drive:

On the left, you can pick the server brand and then proceed from there.

With best regards

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