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What makes a server slow/unresponsive at the console?
01.04.2015, 14:43
I have a customer who is complaining about performance of a TX1330 in W2012 R2 environment (G200e Graphics and the latest driver found in Fujitsu support site). His old NEC SI1720 (bought in 2008/2009) and Windows 2003 Server (Matrox G200 graphics) is faster than TX1310!! (obvioussly with the same application)Sad
After some test it's seems that the main problem is related to the graphics.
Some other brand have quite the same issue. In some cases a competitor changed the server in order to use one with a different graphics card. And it works fine. I saw in internet that also other brand complains about that graphics card and W2012.
Do you know how to solve the problem?
Is there a workaround, new driver or something I can use to solve this issue?
Thanks in advance!

02.04.2015, 12:19
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Hi Robbi,

According to Fujitsu support, the video/graphics performance is dependent on the server configuration and drivers.

For servers with a Matrox video card, the latest driver ((R408 - 04/04/2013, can be found at

If your customer needs better video performance, then the installation of an external video card is required.

The TX1330 M1 only works with NVIDIA cards, specifically the NVS300 (S26361-F2748-L537). It must be installed into slot 1 (or 2 if slot 1 is not empty).

Hope this helps. Best regards and Happy Easter!

20.04.2015, 17:41  /  Latest edited: 20.04.2015, 17:42

I must say that sounds very odd indeed - almost as if that old application uses some kind of GPU acceleration. multimedia? re-coding? transcoding?

could you please elaborate on the software program and solution in question?
and which servers / graphic cards seem to be better?

what kind of official minimum GPU requirements does the software have? a quick glance at the ISV's technical documentation (website!) will answer that.

you should be able to do a simple test: grab a computer with more powerful graphics and test the application. any slightly upscale PC or laptop should do.

and can you definitively eliminate W2K12 as the problem? whill W2K3 run better on the TX1330?

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