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HDD showing red light!!
18.10.2014, 08:20  /  Latest edited: 18.10.2014, 08:23
Dear all,

Please let me know what might be the reason if the server HDD showing red light but CSS light is off.
Server is RX350, snapshot can be found on link below for better understanding.have also tried replugging HDD.
waiting for promp reply.

Best Regards
18.10.2014, 10:25
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sure there's a problem with that HD. Sometimes there's a problem but there's no report on the CSS depending on the type of problem.
Do you have ServerView RAID Manager installed and ServerView MonitorConfused These two tools will give you much more info about your System than just the lighting. I work with this and believe me, it will give you a reason to use just Fujitsu servers and change your work from reactive to prevention cause you can configure both applications to send you an email with any kind of events on your system.

Just go to Fujitsu webpage, download area for Standard Primergy Server, select your RX350 model and then go to your OS. Under Server Management Software download and install Server View RAID Manager and at least ServerView - Agents & CIM Providers and System Monitor. Check both applications, there you will find much more info about the health of your server, funs, HDs,... You can operate both programs easily and use it for monitoring the server or even for updating your drivers in an easy way. You will also need Java.

In your case, with RAID Manager you will find info about your RAID configuration and state, if, for example, you've got your RAID in a degraded state. You will be able to check all the logs so you can see without restarting the server what has happened with the server and in fact what is happening. You can make offline a HD, add HD to the RAID, put online a spare one and many other things without stopping the server, very, very useful. Also check the E-mail log option if you can't be always monitoring the server.

If you need help, just let us know.

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19.11.2014, 11:29
How can I check if server view suite is installed correctly by client or not !!

Best Regards
20.11.2014, 09:55
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Hi Ady,
well the easy way it's going to Control Panel and there go to Programs and Characteristics. There, check for Fujitsu Software ServerView RAID Manager, that will be the RAID Manager software that you can use to control from Windows the integrated RAID. Very useful cause there's no need to restart the server to create a RAID volume, put a HD as spare, recover a RAID, upgrade,..
If you can't find it just go to Fujitsu download webpage (Support,Servers,Standard Primergy Server, Downloads) and search for your server model and OS. There go to Server Management Software, serverView - RAID Manager, last versión it's 5.8.14. Download and execute by default. Then just go to Programs, Fujitsu, ServerView Suite, RAID Manager, RAID Manager. You must have installed first a JAVA versión in order to cccess accross the webpage to the RAID Manager. User and password are the same as the server.
Also very interesting to have installed the Fujitsu Software ServerView Agents, but that's another historySmile

Hope that helps you.

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