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RX300 S6 logs !!
06.07.2014, 07:30
I am having problem in taking out logs of a server which is giving no display after powering on and as it gets started it gives beeps continuously. Tried changing the rams but same result.

Actually that server was not in use for last 8 to 9 months. So dont know whether server view manager was even installed or not.

I need to get logs as soon as possible but the problem is the IP of the server is unknown, nobody remember the IP address of maintenance LAN port. So what should I be doing to get the IP address of the LAN port to get the logs.

Waiting for your prompt reply !!

Best Regards
06.07.2014, 11:50  /  Latest edited: 06.07.2014, 11:57
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Firstly, let me say that I'm not an expert, just another partner but I'll tell you some tricks that I would use.
First go to Fujitsu webpage, Support, Manuals and select your primergy server. Check for the system board manual. There you'll find plently of explanations for jumpers configurations, LED alarms on mainboard and much more. So, download the manual, open the cover of your primergy and take a look on mainboard (on some highend primergies you'll also find some info under the cover). Maybe that will helps you to close identify the problem if a LED alarm it's on. Also check for the BIOS battery, probably will be KO after 8 months unplugged. Take the 3V battery, a tester and check the voltaje, surely will be close to 0. If so, replace it for another one (just one to three euros).
Also check that he monitor it's working, could be a nonsense but sometimes....
Once done that, tells us if you can't still find the problem. Will be very usefull some more clues as primergy model, if any LED it's on,...
If you can start the server, you'll be able to get into the BIOS, check logs, change management LAN configurations,....So fist manage hardware alarms and then go to log files instead trying to go the other way around.
Hope that helpsSmile

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