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Couldn't access ServerView RAID Manager GUI
16.09.2020, 19:02
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Today I've spent several hours trying to access ServerView RAID Manager in one of our remote servers for making some HDDs configurations. The server is a new TX1320 M4 but as far as I've tested it seems to happen also in nearly all the servers we manage, doesn’t mind OS or hardware if the server is rightly updated. I've been checking configurations following instructions and even a Fujitsu support IT have connected to the server with no clear solution. We could not open ServerView RAID Manager. We try to download Oracle JDK, we have created SVRM_JAVA_PATH but the result was the same "Can't connect to remote system". Neither Java nor HTML5 is working properly. We haven’t found no public information about this. We've all Fujitsu updates installed across ServerView System Monitor and the OS is always rightly patched.
The solution have been to uninstall ServerView RAID Manager 7.3.7 and install the oldest one 6.8.0, don’t really know if any of the 7.X.X have worked anytime. I can't understand why System Monitor recommends to upgrade to a non-functional ServerView RAID Manager and none, even Fujitsu IT, have realise it is not working properly and nobody tells nothing about. It’s not an essential tool but someone should have test it deeply before publishing it on all Primergy platforms? Anyway. If someone else founds the same issue, here you’ve got what we have done to solve it. Hope this could be usefull to someone.Wink

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