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Turn off UEFI in BIOS of RX1330 M4
06.03.2020, 08:57

We recently bought an RX1330 M4 server.
Is it possible to turn off UEFI in the BIOS of this server?
It was possible on the M3 servers but we can't find the option on the new M4.

06.03.2020, 11:00
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Hi Harry.

Your question was forward to our technical experts, I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Nuno Costa - Fujitsu
06.03.2020, 11:43
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Hi again Harry.

Please read below:

RX1330 M4 BIOS doesn't have 'legacy BIOS mode' implemented. BIOS operates only in UEFI Mode.

Let me know if we can be of further assistance.

Thank you.

Nuno Costa - Fujitsu
06.03.2020, 11:55
Hi Nuno,

Thank you for the quick answer !

Our customer now has the following problem.
They tried flashing an older bios version which was accepted by the server but now no usb port is working.

This means they can't connect anything to perform a reflash of the current bios.
Do you maybe have a solution how they can reflash the bios ?

10.03.2020, 12:18
Hi Harry,

BIOS update should still be possible via iRMC. You will need a LAN connection to the server's Service LAN Port and a supported web browser for a convenient update process.

You can get more information here:
Simply search for "irmc s5".


23.03.2020, 18:29
Quote from HarryD:
Hi Nuno,
Do you maybe have a solution how they can reflash the bios ?

In M4 Primergy Servers you can UPDATE BIOS anyway by pendrive.
You need a USB Stick not necessarily formatted: it's all described in the "EfiFlashEfiUsage.txt" file you will find in the ZIP archive called ADMINPACK, that you usually download from support website.

You only have to put in a pendrive the folder called EFI, you will in this way create a fully UEFI COMPLIANT Bootable USB Stick.

Then you can boot and update BIOS!

Regards, Andrea

24.03.2020, 08:46
Thank you all for helping out.
The problem has been solved. Smile

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