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System Management Software - Prefail
28.11.2019, 16:41
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Hello community

I'm getting an error on a RX2540 M1 server, and can't find what is the cause

The error is in the "Sensors/Component Status" section of the irmc:

No: 51
Designation: Agent
Entity ID: System Management Software
Entity Instance: 0
Signal Status: Prefail
CSS Componement: No

Can someone help me?


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09.12.2019, 11:51
Hi Mario.

Thank you for your question.

The SV Agents are detecting some issues in the installed OS. Unfortunately, without any log files we can´t say what the exact problem is.
For further investigation, please provide PrimeCollect logs from installed OS level or at least Report.xml from iRMC console.
In addtion, please also provide a serial number of the server and information which OS is installed on this server.

Hope to hear from you.
Best regards.

Nuno Costa - Fujitsu
13.12.2019, 18:28
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Thanks for the reply Nuno

The issue is gone. I didn't do nothing but the error disapear.

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