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RX2540 S1 fails to boot past iRMC splash screen
20.12.2018, 18:40  /  Latest edited: 21.12.2018, 06:42
Hi everyone

We've got an RX2540 M1 which won't boot past the Fujitsu splash screen (which shows the iRMC data).

The server it's self is showing a CMOS battery error light and the iRMC is showing a battery voltage of 1.11V even though we've replaced the battery with a new one (with a tested voltage outside the server of 3V). It seems that the voltage sensor isn't updating the iRMC or the server isn't booting far enough into POST to update it.

We've also tried a BIOS flash upgrade, using a bootable USB drive and setting the jumper to Recovery Mode, but it doesn't seem to get as far as booting the USB stick.

Does anyone have an idea how to progress this issue?


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