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Expand Raid - PY RX2540 M2 with PRAID EP420i Raid Controller
30.10.2017, 23:10
Dear Team,

We have a Fujitsu server PY RX2540 M2 with PRAID EP420i Raid Controller for which we have failed to expand raid.

The option to expand raid shows grayed out from the Raid controller BIOS. However I later got to know that its possible to expand using the migrate raid options from Server View however we select same raid level but add disks and define new capacity.?

Can someone officially confirm if Raid Expand option can work without the Raid controller battery being present??Confused

We have however placed the battery order and now it is installed.

Said that if exact step by step procedure can be shared it will be really helpful.

Two last questions for this time is that

1. Can VD be expended while having live data? This is going to be the VD used as Local Datastore by VMware Hypervisior 6.0

2. What is the possibility of having any data loss situation.?

22.12.2018, 14:18
We have come across this issue as well, and don't seem to have found a way around it (the server is running Windows Server 2012 R2 Core).

The FBU and battery aren't strictly needed for RAID geometry changes, just making sure that the RAID config isn't lost when the server is powered off.

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