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Windows Server 2016 Cluster in a box Slow file transfer
23.08.2017, 15:06
We have a 2 node Windows Server 2016 installation on a CX400 M4.

File transfer between virtual machines is erratic with multiple errors in the physical server event log.

Certain times it will write really fast, then others it will hang.

Whenever it hangs there are a series of events
id:508, 509, 510, 532 and 533 that appear.

I have updated firmware and bios for both the physical nodes but still got issues.

Has anyone else got experience of this?

30.08.2017, 12:04
Are you sure that the cluster is ok? also the HDD? .... if every t. are ok maybe ca be CTRL issue..


30.08.2017, 15:04

The cluster validation checks all go through without any warnings or errors.

File transfer is still exceedingly slow and can stop part way through before continuing.

File transfer to the physical server is better but through the virtual servers is diabolical.

30.08.2017, 15:16
I think that there are a performance problems, the right way for delivery this solution is install n2 SSD for storage Tiers of Win 2016. When you procede to install the cluster share volume, you can add the two SSD.

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