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System Monitor
14.11.2016, 12:14
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There's any problem with Fujitsu System Monitor software Update facility. For us it'a very powerfull utility for keeping drivers up to date without having to check them one by one. But at least since last week there's no way to access the Web Server. We are using the default setting using server address and it was working fine. Something have changeConfused The log file tells several different errors depending on the server but always behind a Access to web Server failed, please check settings. Maybe problems like these could be published for all the community.

Many thanks,

22.11.2016, 08:38  /  Latest edited: 22.11.2016, 08:39
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Answering myself, cause none from Fujitsu have say nothing yetSad I talk with the Spanish helpdesk and after some silly checks they realize that I was right, Fujitsu's update servers were down. They couldn’t give me any more info about recovery times. That was not a very useful info but at least I didn’t waste more time looking for a problem on our servers. Fortunately, as far as I could check, last Saturday Servers were back on, so we could update our servers with no problems during the weekend.
I encourage people to test Serverview System Monitor, it’s free of charge for all servers, really easy to use and I found it very useful.
I also hope that Fujitsu start paying a little more attention to their TechCommunity and make their own engineers check the forums and try to give answers if the community couldn’t do by it’s own. It's hopeless to see so few activity and read on each newsletter publicity about our fantastic TechCommunity. This discussion board could be a very useful tool to publish news as for exemple there has been a problem with update Servers, we're working on it, and tell us when the problem it's solved.


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