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Jan 24 2017

Original Windows 10 Nears End of Support

As Microsoft releases updated installation media for Windows 10 v1607 (aka the Anniversary Update) through its various upgrade and licensing channels, the company also announces that support for the earliest edition will end on March 26, 2017.

Windows 10 v1607 was established as the Current Branch for Business (CBB) in late November, after successfully completing a four-month test carried out by SOHO users. With its 'release to installation media and upgrade channels' – most notably, to the Volume Licensing Service Center, which is slated for January 26 – Microsoft now offers a last 60-day respite to companies that still rely on the (somewhat premature) first release from 18 months ago. The move is in accordance with official Microsoft policies, which state that the company will only actively service the two latest CBB versions.

In the past, end-of-support and end-of-life announcements have often caused rushes and a bit of anxiety among Microsoft customers. The new, stricter upgrade and support policies, however, might help to alleviate some of that nervousness: organizations that have installed the cumulative Windows 10 updates for December and/or January can rest assured and won't have to take action during the remaining grace period – they're already running a Windows 10 version that's eligible for support at least until fall this year.

For the detailed announcement and further links, please see Microsoft evangelist Nathan Mercer's latest TechNet blog.


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