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Aug 09 2018

Simplified Disaster Recovery with ETERNUS Snapshot Manager

While IT experts frequently wrestle over numerous issues, there's also a lot of topics they easily agree on. One of these is that once disaster strikes, organizations of all types and sizes can't afford to stay offline for even an hour or two, or worse, lose business- and mission-critical data during a sudden outage. Small businesses in particular are vulnerable to the resulting repercussions: According to Gartner, 70% of small firms that experience major data losses have to close up shop within the next 12 months.

Given this situation, it's only logical that owners and executives don't want to put their companies (and jobs) at risk and keep looking for reliable solutions that prevent the annihilation of vital information while speeding up the recovery operations. Fujitsu has responded to such customer demands by offering ETERNUS Snapshot Manager (ESM), a software that uses array-based snapshots and data replication between Fujitsu storage systems to facilitate reliable business continuity and is based on the latest IntelliSnap technology from our strategic partner Commvault. Initially introduced in 2013, ESM is undergoing permanent improvement, as our engineers find more useful features and functionalities to add.

The latest release adds disaster resilience to data protection by enabling the replication of array-based snapshots to a second ETERNUS array. These snapshots can be stored on all-flash or hybrid systems, and the process can either be triggered manually or automatically when operating an ETERNUS Storage Cluster configured for transparent failover. That way, recovery capabilities become more granular thanks to the creation of more frequent and more up-to-date copies of production data. Moreover, administrators get to work with a single ESM console enabling them to centralize and automate the management of application-aware, 'quick-fire' snapshots that considerably speed up the restoration of data across physical, virtual and hyper-converged environments and thus simplify necessary recovery operations. In short, the new ESM version helps IT teams to substantially reduce system downtime, meet the most stringent business requirements, and keep the size of a data loss to a minimum in case an unexpected system failure occurs.

Fujitsu ESM supports the Fujitsu ETERNUS AF all-flash arrays, ETERNUS DX hybrid systems and ETERNUS Storage Cluster configurations with deep application and virtual machine integration, and is accessible through an intuitive user interface that runs without the need for scripting. Thanks to simple, array-based licensing, it can be used to manage any number of snapshots, with no capacity limit, as the solution is flexible and intended to scale in line with changing backup requirements. Fujitsu ESM software also provides a cost-efficient approach for snapshot-based backup to disk, when combined with the Fujitsu ETERNUS CS200c backup appliance. Fujitsu ETERNUS Snapshot Manager is available immediately in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa, either directly from Fujitsu or from our channel partners. List prices vary by configuration and start at € 5750.


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