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Mar 29 2018

Microsoft Announces End-of-Support Dates for Older Win10 Versions

In the runup to the release of its Spring Creators Update, Microsoft has published a list that outlines the timeframes for when currently active and future versions of its client OS will be phased out.

The list can be found on the company's developer-oriented Red Pill BLOGS and serves as a central hub for information that is typically scattered across Microsoft's vast landscape of blogs and support pages. It is upgraded at irregular intervals and complies with German rules of date notation, i.e. dates are listed in the format

According to the overview, two early versions are due to be dropped from the support roster over the course of this year: Windows 10 version 1511 (aka Threshold 2 aka November Update) will cease to receive updates on April 10, 2018 after an extended 30-month run; the original plan had been to end support in October 2017. The second variant to be phased out is Windows 10 version 1607 (aka Redstone aka Anniversary Update), for which support expires on October 9, 2018. As you may have expected, these dates obviously coincide with the potential release dates of Windows 10 versions 1803 (aka Redstone 4 aka Spring Creators Update) and 1809 (so far code-named Redstone 5).

What's more, the list also comprises a number of potential end-of-support dates for currently active branches of Windows 10, including those on long-term support. As it stands, versions 1703 (Redstone 2/Creators Update) and 1709 (Redstone 3/Fall Creators Update) will be dropped in April and October 2019, respectively. Provided Microsoft sticks with this plan, this will allow a 2-year run for either version. Somewhat surprisingly, the support period for the upcoming version 1803 will be cut short in comparison: if the list is to be believed, it will also end some time in October 2019, which means it effectively gets 18 months of functional and, more importantly, security updates. Support for current and future long-term branches (versions 1507, 1607 and 1809) won't begin to expire until 2020.

While this regime may appear rather strict, it's important to note that Microsoft will continue to offer extended support in emergency cases, albeit at an extra cost. This rule applies (or is likely to apply) to the majority of currently supported releases, with the only exception being version 1511/Threshold 2.


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