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In the previous chapters of our series, we discussed core principles of quantum and quantum-inspired computing as well as obstacles that hampered the development of adequate hardware and finally how Fujitsu's Digital Annealer can help to overcome the...
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In the first two parts, we introduced a few core principles of quantum and quantum-inspired computing as well as the obstacles that hinder the development of operational hardware. This third chapter describes Digital Annealer, a new platform technolo...
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In the first part of this series, we outlined a couple of core principles of quantum computing and ended up finding that in order to perform such operations, we have to rely on a completely different hardware architecture that uses subatomic particle...
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The idea of quantum computing has been around for quite a while. In fact, it will turn 60 next December, effectively nearing what would usually be described as retirement age not only for people, but also for concepts that – for all their popularity ...
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The work of data center managers in relation to IT infrastructure capacity management is often heavily under-estimated. They have to make sure their organization’s data center strategy stays ahead of organization expansion needs as well as watching o...
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This was the premise of the sixth annual Fujitsu Innovation Gathering, which took place on May 29 in Stockholm and showcased a diverse combination of groundbreaking research and development initiatives to solve social challenges, many on show for the...
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This year, our global theme is 'Co-creation for Success'. Over time, Fujitsu has been engaged in many co-creation projects with customers and partners, which have delivered successful outcomes ranging from improving efficiency in manufacturing to tra...
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