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Mar 08 2022

Why it's easier to succeed with pay-per-use IT services than you might think

Fujitsu uSCALE: Interesting…. Innovative…. Transparent….



A common theme of delighting customers is emerging with Fujitsu uSCALE, but why?


uSCALE is certainly not the only IT pay-per-use consumption model on the marketplace; but it certainly is gaining traction as a must have component of any hybrid cloud strategy.

Firstly, lets look at what it does:

uSCALE delivers Infrastructure As A Service on-premise on a pay for usage basis. The effect is to help organizations reduce cost & risk whilst improving time to market.




Our customers are telling us that we are leading the market by:

  1. Offering the greatest flexibility and lowest commitment levels available;
  2. Adapting to change with ease;
  3. Shaping the services from lite to fully managed – aligned to their exact needs.


Why is this important?


When engaging on pay-per-use, customers want the lowest commitment and cost…

At Fujitsu, we recognise that doing something new can be a challenge. So, we offer our customers the greatest flexibility in the market around our commitment levels – and do so without over-inflating the unit rate. This helps to get them started.

Over-time as their confidence in managing on-premise infrastructure grows they are able to increase the commitment levels and improve commercials.


Our business demands change constantly – how do we adapt?

It’s a commonly held view that over-provisioning of on-premise infrastructure is a sin of the past. For every $1 of storage used over $2 are spent. What a waste.

We have all seen customers utilising platforms at far less than 50% but the key is to understand why? In most cases the root cause is due to traditionally buying infrastructure by the project, needing to forecast capacity ahead of demand and then add extra just to be sure.

With uSCALE, our customers have made high impact; low-cost transformations allowing them to consume infrastructure on-premise in minutes; not months. With Fujitsu providing the buffer zone, a simple email and you have more growth available on site.

As a result, we have seen companies like Harbor Solutions quickly adapt to changing market demand, growing their order value by 10x in the process.


It’s all about the Service – or maybe not!

Fujitsu has a pedigree and heritage of delivering outsourced and managed service contracts.  With Fujitsu uSCALE you can consume the services that are right for your business. 

For example, we have customers consuming basic installation and break-fix support through to customers consuming managed workloads like AI-as-a-Service.

We are told that our ability to be flexible is a real competitive advantage that we are proud of. Ultimately, this is about giving our customers what they need to succeed rather than including a bunch of services as standard that are never used.


Interesting…. Innovative…. Transparent….

We are told that Fujitsu uSCALE is helping companies to transform their business by being a real accelerant of increased agility.  Our customers are able to leverage previous investments made in the datacentre and their people.

It would be great to talk to you about what we can do for you.  Our commitment as Fujitsu uSCALE is to deliver you an interesting, innovative and transparent experience that will allow you and your business to flourish.   


Kevin McAlinden


About the Author:

Kevin McAlinden
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Service Delivery Lead, uSCALE Pay-Per-Use, Products Business, Fujitsu

Kevin McAlinden is responsible for the uSCALE Service Delivery function. Delive...


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