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Jun 28 2022

Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Multi-Cloud, Managed Private Cloud, Hosted Privat Cloud, ... Have you already found the right one?

Normality is returning to our lives, but the current normal is no longer the same as it was a few years ago. The world is experiencing an enormous transformation spanning various areas and sectors. ...

IT departments are finding themselves particularly affected and forced to find solutions in exceptionally short turnaround times. For example, jobs were moved to home offices and business processes have been changed at unprecedented speed. However, the continuing trends toward remote and mobile working also require new ways for companies to update and manage fleets of devices. In response to changing conditions and a sudden increase in the digital services required, many companies had no other choice but to move services to the cloud. After these forced quick shots, the discussion about the cloud is now returning in a more objective light with a more long-term orientation.


Find the right solution for you!

For some organizations, moving to the cloud has become the default position for modernizing operations. And there are good reasons for this considering the benefits of cloud migration in terms of cost, scalability, and flexibility. But is this really the right choice in every situation and for every organization? Are we sometimes too quick to dismiss the option of having data closer to hand? Surprisingly, the answer isn't always "in the cloud"!
Some apps, data, and workloads should continue to be operated on premises. The cloud, especially the public cloud, still has some disadvantages in terms of security and privacy. Sensitive business data such as personal customer and employee data or information on the economic position of the company should not leave the in-house IT premises. There are several reasons for keeping them close. One example of such is statutory provisions – in particular data protection laws – that require data to be kept in a specific geographic location. Another reason is latency; electronic data is fast, but with each leg of the data's journey to the cloud possibly involving a trip to the other side of the world, there might be issues for specific workloads.


Have you already thought about "on premises cloud"?

These days, you can get all the cloud model's cost, agility, and scalability advantages while keeping your apps on premises. If these are the primary drivers, you can also consider a cloud-like infrastructure on premises, using Fujitsu's uSCALE instead of the cloud.
Based on information from the European Multicloud Survey, about 55% of organizations would prefer to run their business applications and data using a consumption-based model. And from a partner's point of view, about 95% of customers would use their current value-added reseller ahead of a new service provider if the partner could offer managed services as well as just reselling products.
By extending Fujitsu uSCALE to our SELECT channel partners, we're enabling them to offer greater agility to their end customers in terms of financing their IT operations. Our partners can easily extend new services and create new value while minimizing risk and complexity. Be part of this fantastic opportunity!


Offer your customers greater business agility and savings

Fujitsu uSCALE combines the best of both worlds. It's like the cloud, but private, more flexible, and efficient – especially in relation to the cost situation while ensuring compliance and data security standards. It allows customers to consume infrastructure, on-premises, with monthly usage-based ("cloud-like") billing as a service. uSCALE also greatly supports an organization's need to remain agile with the ability to scale their infrastructures up or down, at a rate that best fits to their business needs. Companies can benefit from increased flexibility, and operational improvements introduce new services and solutions faster based on the on-demand scalability. uSCALE also helps you improve time-to-market for new offerings by leveraging pre-provisioned buffer capacity that is deployed in your data center ahead of business need.


Unlock new propositions and growth

Growth-driven businesses are utilizing consumption models right now to get technology working for them. This allows them to unleash the full businesses potential, increase market resilience and unlock growth for more customers and partners.
An excellent example of this is Harbor Solutions. Harbor Solutions is a UK-based data protection and data management specialist. It provides customers with backup-as-a-Service (BaaS), disaster-recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS), public cloud protection services, and consultancy. The company wanted to move away from its current data center business model to a more scalable but agile solution, without impacting budget constraints. The company selected Fujitsu uSCALE to unlock the benefits of cloud economics for its in-house data centers, which would in turn allow it to pass that cost certainty on to clients. Moving to cloud-like infrastructure has not only delivered far greater financial predictability, but it also reduces administration and maintenance costs. Moreover, by removing upfront expenditures, there is now zero risk attached to growth.



Discover how Fujitsu uSCALE can help you to build the platform your customers need, gain opportunities for your own service value, and build your own profitable growth:
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Timo Lampe


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Timo Lampe

Senior Specialist Marketing Manager – Data Center Systems / Server


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