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Apr 12 2022

What’s so exciting and innovative about uSCALE?

Reducing time, cost and risk are three key objectives for many organizations. uSCALE solves these challenges and makes your business agile.



If you’re looking to reduce your costs, limit your risk and improve timescales for your business, on-premise IT in a consumption based payment-model could be the best solution. If you are considering uSCALE as a solution, then exciting and innovative times lie ahead because all three of these objectives can be achieved easily and efficiently.

Fujitsu has created uSCALE to address some of the most over-arching concerns affecting the IT infrastructure of businesses in the current economic and business climate. Companies want to keep risk factors and costs to the absolute minimum, while ensuring their organization has the agility to cope with sudden changes and demands.

But how do you improve your current IT infrastructure in a way that will cope with increased demand, without blowing your entire IT budget in the process?


Budgetary and time constraints

You will have invested significantly in resources for your business, ensuring you have the right people and processes in place to cope with current demand. Investing in new IT hardware and software can be time-consuming and costly, especially when factoring in your future needs. After all, it can take several months to research, approve and install new hardware, so the decisions you make today will have ramifications for a long time to come.

How can you be certain that your business will be subjected to increased demand over the coming months? And how can that be factored into your hardware and software requirements? A failure to forecast increased demand could leave your business struggling to cope. Your IT systems need to be agile to be able to absorb extra demands without any added risk, time or costs.

Up until recently, cloud computing has provided some of the answers, enabling enterprises to purchase certain software for their business activities. But as a Service (aaS) on-premise consumption is an innovative solution for businesses looking to scale with demand.


Cloud or on-premise computing?

Cloud computing comes with its own problems, especially the risk factor transferring data from off-site servers to your on-site systems. On-premise or edge computing puts the control back in your own hands. And aaS on-premise solutions ensure your systems can cope with any sudden increases in demand. So, you pay for what you need as you use it.

At Fujitsu we have introduced uSCALE as a fully customizable solution that can be tailored according to the exact needs of your organization. One of the major benefits of uSCALE is its inbuilt ‘buffer zone’, which can be made available within seconds if your organization needs extra resources. This allows your business to be agile, so you can respond almost instantly to ongoing changes. You will also have greater flexibility to enhance your IT potential as and when you need to.

Although there had been a major shift towards cloud computing over the past few years, these days there’s been a distinct shift back towards on-premise solutions. According to the International Data Corporation, around 85%1 of businesses are now operating in a hybrid cloud environment. Organizations are cherry picking their hardware and software, often using a combination of on-premise hardware in combination with on-premise private cloud and hybrid cloud software.

When your business pays for the services it uses, you can retain a tighter control over your IT budget. uSCALE services are paid on a month-by-month basis, while having instant access to all the increased resources you could ever need. Your business can also respond quickly to changes in demand, allowing you to pay for the services you need, exactly as and when you require them to be available. Adopting uSCALE in your organization will help to accelerate revenue, open new markets and has been proven as an accelerant for growth.


Speak to your Fujitsu Account Manager today to find out how uSCALE can help you reduce cost, risk and time.



1 “IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Fujitsu and Veritas, Boosting Data Resilience and Compliance in Hybrid Cloud, doc #EUR147585021, June 2021”



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