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Apr 20 2022

Finding new revenue streams with aaS

Are you a service provider working closely with your clients trying to find new revenue streams? uSCALE offers you a way to scale on demand.



Finding new revenue streams with aaS

As a service provider, you will be on the lookout to help your clients find new revenue streams, and that’s something Fujitsu are committed to helping you with. Making the move to on-premise as a Service (aaS) will help you spot profitable opportunities. Businesses are increasingly exploring a combination of cloud and on-premise consumption for their IT infrastructure, due to the wide range of benefits they provide.

According to Canalys1, Q2 in 2021 saw spending on cloud infrastructure services increase by 36%, representing an increase of around 25% over the same period the previous year. With our uSCALE solution, your clients can benefit from easy and scalable options with instant access to all the IT functions they need, reducing the usual associated infrastructure costs.


Reducing costs and minimizing risk

We know that you’re striving to reduce your own business costs and minimise potential risks, while still being able to respond quickly to the needs of your customers. And in today’s competitive world, being able to come up with the necessary solutions is the key to growth, both for you and your clients. As IT costs seem to spiral ever higher, what’s the answer?

uSCALE is an innovative, cost-effective and scalable IT solution both for you and your clients. This as a Service (aaS) on-premise approach allows you to offer the services your customers need and expect, at the time they want them and at a budget-friendly price.


Working together for better outcomes

At Fujitsu we believe in co-creation – in fact, it’s at the heart of everything we do. We recognize that business ecosystems have been important for many years, but now they’re coming to the forefront, we’ve seized the initiative.

In the current climate, we understand that businesses are trying to reduce the number of suppliers they have. They expect their chosen suppliers to tick as many boxes as possible, providing well-priced goods and services at minimal risk and in a timely manner.

uSCALE can help your clients to fulfil these needs and more. But there’s much more to us at Fujitsu than innovation in technology and engineering. We may be experts at helping clients with distributed architecture, helping them to manage data from edge to core to cloud, but we also understand that no person or organization can be an expert in all areas.

So, we use partnerships and alliances to generate new revenue streams for us and for our service providers. Having access to your expertise as service providers allows us to grow together, so we can better address the requirements of our customers.


Co-creation workshops

Every organization is unique in its processes and complexities, which is why Fujitsu makes the co-creation approach with your stakeholders the heart of the process.

We base our co-creation process around our own HXD, or Human Centric Experience design initiative. Through our exciting co-creation workshops, we’re uncovering further opportunities for growth, both for ourselves, our partners and our customers.

Before you dive into a digital transformation workshop you can embark your very own data-driven transformation journey with our CX Lab. This digital event format welcomes you to a 3D world that we will travel together. The CX Lab is a new virtual co-creation metaverse designed to facilitate early-stage creative dialogue. In this small but content-rich event, you gain new insights and prepare strategic decisions.

To find out more, you are welcome to join the CX Lab. In an interactive CX Lab session with

you, your customers and Fujitsu experts, explore the solutions that will drive business in the digital economy.

Book a CX Lab session for yourself or for you and your customer here.


The Harbor Solutions story

Harbor Solutions is a London-based company offering a secure backup and disaster recovery service to its clients. The company wanted to move away from its data-centre business model to a more scalable but agile solution, which wouldn’t impact on budget constraints. The answer was to switch operations to the uSCALE platform using the pay-per-use model for clear and transparent pricing. And the business very quickly found itself able to pass on some of its considerable savings to its clients.

Nick Barron, Chief Technology Officer at Harbor Solutions reports that in the two years since joining forces with Fujitsu, the company’s average deal size has grown 10x. The company’s capacity doubled within just 18 months, while customers are happy with the service that Harbor Solutions provides to them. And it’s all been achieved with zero risk!

Finding new revenue streams in the current climate means cultivating the ability to move quickly but safely and at an affordable price. And that requires an agile and adaptable infrastructure with the capability to offer a superior service at a reduced cost. Adopting uSCALE can help to accelerate revenue, open new markets, and it’s been proven as an accelerant for growth.

At Fujitsu, we love sharing our expertise to ensure your service business, and your clients’ businesses, can scale up infrastructure as and when required. Risk is always firmly under control, so your clients can adapt to ever-changing demands. By working together, we can achieve so much more than standing alone.

Speak to your Fujitsu Account Manager today to find out how our aaS on-premise solutions can help you find new revenue streams.


1 Global cloud services market Q2 2021 (


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