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03.12.2015, 00:32
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This topic is because I wanna complain a little bit about the Partner formation program, FiOLA. Let me say firstly that I found the idea of been able to receive online formation, fantastic. Unfortunately, maybe there are many improvements to do there. This weekend I’ve been recertificating my Select Expert on WorkStations and I’ve found many problems:

1)If we want our partners and sellers to better sell our products we must give them as much info as posible and that’s not always true. Some examples, at least for the Spanish site:
CCD-WST-SAL-WBT course. On Additional documents we found speakernotes for 2013 course not the ones that we are doing right now.
CCD-STR_SAL-WBT course. The same, speakernotes for 2014 course.
Worse of all, we don’t have any other notes for any of the other courses there. That's all we receive.
Some of the info shown on the courses could be a very important tool for selling. There’s no way to publish a PowerPoint or so with the keynotes so we could use it on our day to day work?
I think we must change the mind behind the courses, we are not just evaluating our partners we must teach them, give them all the info, useful links, where to learn more,… That will overcome on better partners and sellers.

2)Update the info on the courses, please. There’s no sense to do a course where we are talking on R930 workstation when we are selling the R940. I’ve found no mention on the new J550 or the W550. Where I’m supposed to learn that? Again, attach all the info on each course, links to datasheets, studies, whitepapers,…

3)Take special attention to the exams, I’ve found many errors there that makes harder to pass them. Some examples:
CCD-WST-SAL-WBT: Which CECLSIUS workstation it’s only available on rack format? (Choose one)
Well, selecting just one, imposible to doSad
CCD-WST-SOLWM-WBT: 17 transparencies, no mention about Autodesk Suites but we’ve got a question about which Autodesk Suites are optimized for CELSIUS Workstation:/ Yes, we can google that and find on Autodesk that there’s no House Design or Car Design Autodesk Suite. But what are we evaluating, our google capacities in the 90 minutes exam time? Shouldn’t be much more useful to create a site where we could found all the info about ISV certifications and mention it on the course? That will be a greatful tool.
Later on, I’ve google this link and realise that it is somehow publish on the extranet:, but still no mention about Autodesk suitesSad Anyway does not have sense that this info should be shown on FiOLA and teach partners where to find it? Again we are teaching or just evaluating?

On many questions, the sentences should be done despite the concrete model, espacially if we don't have the courses updated. It’s the CELSIUS R930 the only CELSIUS that have support for two processors? In fact, no, even for the course we must answer yes. Nowadays we also have the R940. So why don’t we ask if the R9X0 CELSIUS family are the only ones that allow two processors? That will be much more correct even we don’t have had time to update the course info.

And I could mention many and many more.

I also wanna recommend the CCD-WST-TECIN-WBT course, it is really a good one, congratulations. Many useful information there and a great tool for selling Fujitsu workstations. If you start your learning with that course you will have all the key info for answering many of the questions made on the exams of all the other courses, even that Info it's not said on the proper courses.
If we’ve got that fantastic info, tables, comparations, technologies why don’t we publish it? Where the hell are some of the tables shown on that course? If there is a paper on that, add the info on the keynotes telling where the info comes from and make the course a really powerful tool.

Finally I think that Fujitsu has a great community outside and behind the company and maybe we could take profit on that. For example, FiOLA should add a community forum where to publish reflexions from users, mistakes and improvements for courses.
Another thing could be a section here in CTEC where users could publish contents, study cases,...

09.12.2015, 14:53
( 6 )
Hi Guillermo,

Thank you very much for your detailed feedback, we forwarded it to FiOLA/Fujitsu Training Academy and received the following reply from Kai Bachmann, Training Manager:

1) In response to your point 3, the issues with questions in the exams have been resolved.

2) Regarding workstation and other trainings, these are currently undergoing a complete redesign. New and updated versions will be available starting in January 2016.

We will also discuss whether it's possible to pick up on your suggestions to improve TechCommunity content and to what degree.

With best regards

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