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single KVM for 2 racks
04.06.2015, 13:30

How can we put connections from 2 racks to be viewed through single KVM or how can we connect 2 KVM to single KVM !!! can it be done by using fujitsu's "
Console switch KVM S4-0812,digital " !!!! Sad

Best Regards
08.06.2015, 15:21
( 6 )
Hi Aerial,

Sorry, I had the threads wrong in my first reply. The correct answer is that it is indeed possible to create the setup you want by cascading KVM switches. A detailed description is in the handbook for the S4-0812 series of KVM switches, which can be found here:

Please see chapter 2.4 for detailed advice, diagrams, and tables.

With best regards

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