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05.10.2014, 21:42
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I know that Fujitsu's main market it's not the accessories but it has got a big portfolio and many innovative products, sometimes earlier than competitors. Since a year or so we are offering them to our customers in order to increase value to the sell and improve revenues. Unfortunately I think there not much effort from the Company to work on that field so there are many things to improve. Let's list some of them:
We have to wait for three weeks for an accessory that should go with the product on the sell as a cross-selling. If you got it and you can show it, you sell it. Unfortunately none it’s stocking accessories and timing doesn’t seems to improve. Well I’m lying, we are small stocking accessories for the moment (we’re a small company) and selling them to any other partner or our customers. Maybe someone should review logistics.
Web page product updates:
We still can found on the Web the Wireless Laser Mouse WI400 instead of the newest WI410, the Wireless W200 instead of W210 or the Bluetooth Mouse V470 that has been replaced by the better and much cheaper BT3 (test it, just incredible to sell with laptops).
Some other product are shown on the Web but they can not be ordered, that’s the case of K910 keyboad (at least in Spain), the Touchpad TP400 (great innovation for people who has muscular problems with their mouse), the presenter R400, or the last one, the E22 Touch display that is not even on the System Architect files but it’s already published on the Web in order to sell.
Another issue, it’s that there are some missing datasheets even in the Fujitsu Extranet for Partners. That makes it quite difficult to know what we are selling. For example, I couldn’t found the M515T Grey mouse datasheet (hopefully we can test them on the PC’s). Neither the datasheet for the newest Bluetooth Keyboard LX370 (the LX360 it’s another great product, nine euros cheaper than the new one, but we can’t know why) or the datasheet for new Keyboard SCR2 eSIG (although this one it’s still planned for the end on 2014).
Finally there’re some errors or at least missing data on some datasheets that some times show few info for the product. For example take a look on the Keyboard KB SCR2 datasheet. Maybe I’m wrong cause I couldn’t test it already (hope on the next order, last time I ordered it but they send me the SCR model instead). It really has Audio: line-in/microphone connectorConfused It has room for that and could be really innovative on a keyboard (depending on the position of the PC) but maybe not on that kind of keyboard.
Another example, the newest Soundsystem Tube 2100 that replaces DS P2100 Tube. We can order it but nowhere on the Web appears it, only in the extranet. Even more the datasheet shows few info. How are the satellites connected to the subwoofer? Wire (how long), Bluetooth,…? It has got any kind of earphones connector, has got any external power unit, how many wattsConfused
Well, many things to answer, to solve…. Thanks for your time

06.10.2014, 12:11
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Answering some of my own dudes. Today there's a announcement on Fujitsu Partner Portal about LX370. The product is orderable from 01-10 but first shipment will be on 27-10 (info that doesn't appear on PC Architect). On the paper it's said that more info could be found on the Partner Portal what right now it's not true, at least on keyboards section for partners.
From the picture I guess that it brings a touch pad integrated which will be perfect for mobility and home entertiment and justify the 9 euros price increase. Something more to worry about, on the paper it is said that Fujitsu will withdrawn from sales the predecesor (I guess LX360) but in fact they are two different products with two different targets, a Bluetooth Keyboard and a Bluetooth Keyboard with integrated touch pad. Just my opinion but maybe both products should remain in the portfolio.

17.10.2014, 15:03
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Just a little more info.

On the 10th of october the LX370 datasheet has been finally published but from my point of view, few info it's shown. Basically the size, just a little bigger than LX360, that it's a Bluetooth 3.0 complaiant and that it comes with a rechargeable battery. Nice, but no idea about weight for exemple or durability of the battery, wires,...

Also says that there's a new datasheet published, product number S26391-F1378-L840, that's for a micro USB 2.0 to Ethernet conversor for Tablet users, nice one. And another funny datasheet, few info again and yeah it comes with a VGA connector. Hope that's just a copy/paste errorSmile

Thanks for the efford of keeping us informed, know it's not so easy.

27.10.2014, 16:03  /  Latest edited: 28.10.2014, 11:34
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Hi Guillermo,

Thank you for your question, and my sincere apology for taking so long to reply. Let's get straight to the points in your first post:

Timings/3 week time difference for accessories:
Displays appear on the webpage as soon as they are added to the price list at the beginning of each month. Therefore, it is possible that delivery takes up to 3 weeks from the day they are orderable. Regarding other accessories, delivery times depend on whether products are unlocked/activated in System Architect.

Webpage Product Updates:
Generally speaking, it is always possible that there will be a (small) gap between when products appear on our main page and the time they are listed in each country.

Missing data sheets:
The data sheets for the M515T Grey Mouse and the SCR2 eSIG keyboard have not been finalized yet, but will be added asap.

Data sheet errors:
The errors in the SCR2 data sheet will be corrected.

Once again, thank you very much for your input. As for the delay in answering - we'll do better next time.

I'll be back with more info on the other issues asap.

Best regards

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