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System Arcihtect issue. !!
06.07.2014, 07:37
Dear Team,

I as using system Architect to design solutions but as I go on RX600 S6 it is having RED TRIANGLE with EXCLAMATION mark in it , can you please let me know what does that means. !!?? Sad

I am using version with product database update of 05-07-2014 .


Best Regards
06.07.2014, 11:24  /  Latest edited: 06.07.2014, 11:25
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you can find all the info about this on the help file of System Architect. Just go to the appendix, section 12.3, Icons and hotkeys. Aswering you, the red triangle means that the product will be soon EOL (End-Of-Line) althought you can still order it.
In my case, I try to avoid the nearly EOL products if possible and go directly to the new products that will have close prices and normally best performance. The problem is that sometimes that means a delay on a Project, not your case. For that it's very useful the roadmap files, available on Fujitsu's intranet. In your case, you can find the last primergy roadmap on:
If you check that you can see that the RX600 S6 EOL it's programed for the ends of Q3 2014 and it's substituted by the RX4770 M1 since Q2 2014. So maybe try to do the same configuration on the RX4770 M1 that surely will bring your primergy to a new performance level. Hope that helps youSmile

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16.07.2014, 05:10
Thanks. Smile

Best Regards
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