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NickBown | 22.12.2018, 14:18
We have come across this issue as well, and don't seem to have found a way around it (the server is ...
NickBown | 20.12.2018, 18:40
Hi everyoneWe've got an RX2540 M1 which won't boot past the Fujitsu splash screen (which shows the i...
MarkM | 15.10.2018, 11:33
Hi there.I do not believe the Fujitsu policy on this subject has changed.So NO you can not order dri...


February 24, 2014
Joe Belfiore, Corporate VP and head of the (merging) Windows platforms for PCs and mobile devices at Microsoft, has confirmed rumors that the company's trademark OS is in for a major makeover during the upcoming weeks.
0 comments | 760 views
February 21, 2014
The GPU market leader introduces a new architecture that's supposed to increase energy efficiency and thus make high-performance computing (HPC) more affordable.
0 comments | 986 views
February 19, 2014
In modern data centers, industry standard servers perform the bulk of all computational tasks. But every so often, there are one, two or more mission-critical applications that an entire organization relies upon and that don't tolerate downtimes or other failures. These are exactly the workloads the Fujitsu Server PRIMEQUEST 2000 Series was designed for.
0 comments | 807 views
February 17, 2014
Data transfer speeds that match those of common Ethernet connections have long been the dream of Internet users all over the world. But while most ISPs still struggle with implementing data rates as low as 50 or 100 Mbit/s, Google engineers are already pushing the boundaries towards 1,000 or 2,000 times that speed.
0 comments | 834 views
February 14, 2014
12 months after entering the market, the chip giant is expanding and reshuffling its portfolio of big data offerings. Their new centerpiece goes by the name of Intel Data Platform and is supposed to work "like an operating system for big data processing."
0 comments | 614 views
February 08, 2014
Two weeks after handing its x86 server business to Chinese rival Lenovo, Big Blue seems to consider cutting yet another branch from its portfolio. This time, the reorganizers are targeting the company's semiconductor division – previously considered too important to be tampered with.
0 comments | 618 views
February 06, 2014
Red alert threat levels, email encryption and an increased willingness to pay for protection – these trends will shape IT security over the next months, CIOs and heads of data centers say. That's the result of the "Internet Security 2014" report issued by eco, the German Internet industry association, as a heads-up before the Safer Internet Day on February 11.
0 comments | 792 views
January 31, 2014
In the world of free apps that is the Google Play store, many users may wonder whether they don't pay for this wealth of software by allowing them access to personal data stored on their smartphones, which can then be passed on to advertisers. But even if you're aware of the situation, recent findings from Romanian security specialist BitDefender easily top your wildest dreams or worst nightmares – depending on your place in the digital food chain.
0 comments | 750 views
January 30, 2014
At the Open Compute Summit in San Jose, chip and GPU maker AMD has announced it will ship the first samples of its new, 64-bit Opteron™ A1100 series with ARM architecture plus matching development kit before the end of the first quarter.
0 comments | 724 views
January 29, 2014
Cloud computing and the "Everything-as-a-Service" trend have substantially influenced software development methods. One of the latest, most fashionable design practices is called Continuous Delivery (CD) and based on the idea that software functions can – and should – be enhanced permanently. But how popular is it, really?
0 comments | 806 views
January 26, 2014
The networking market leader launches two solid-state memory systems to accompany and accelerate its Unified Computing System (UCS) servers. Dubbed "Invicta" (the undefeated), they are Cisco's first attempt at monetizing the storage competence it obtained with the acquisition of Whiptail last year.
0 comments | 719 views
January 24, 2014
Every now and then, the #2 in the x86 processor market delivers products that might eat away at Intel's market share in certain areas. The new Opterons 6338P and 6370P fall into this category.
0 comments | 651 views
January 22, 2014
Germany's Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) has issued a warning that botnet operators have compromised the "digital IDs" of 16 million Internet users located in Germany. The Office launched a help website immediately, which may temporarily be hard to reach due to a massive amount of hits.
0 comments | 665 views
January 17, 2014
Redmond's plans to finally retire its dinosaur desktop OS on April 8, 2014, have suffered a severe blow. Originally intent on cutting support for XP installations of its antimalware tools on the same date, the company revoked a related announcement from January 9 on its TechNet Threat Research & Response Blog after less than a week.
0 comments | 738 views
January 13, 2014
Fujitsu today introduces a new Omni-channel Point of Service (PoS) application that allows retailers to significantly increase revenue while reducing IT costs. FUJITSU Retail Solution Market Place achieves this by supporting enterprise-wide transaction and order fulfillment to deliver a consistent and seamless buying experience to their customers via traditional PoS, online and mobile channels.
0 comments | 814 views
January 13, 2014
Contrary to what their bright color schemes suggest, Windows 8 and 8.1 have so far not been as successful as Microsoft intended them to be. So it's no wonder that rumors spread about when the operating systems will be replaced. Insider Paul Thurrott now suggests this could happen in April next year on his "Supersite for Windows" blog.
0 comments | 791 views
January 10, 2014
The CPU market leader adds 12 new processors that support two-socket servers, communications and storage systems to its roster.
1 comments | 1161 views
January 08, 2014
Ten years after the CentOS developers started their community edition of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), the teams who maintain both platforms are further improving and institutionalizing their collaboration. As of January 7, they are "joining forces to build a new CentOS, capable of driving forward development and adoption of next-generation open source technologies." Red Hat is thus becoming the only Linux vendor that can offer three different 'brands' of the operating system: the commercial RHEL, and the community-driven Fedora and CentOS editions.
0 comments | 628 views
January 04, 2014
As Microsoft's support for its inextinguishable desktop OS comes to a halt in April this year, user numbers are finally starting to plummet, reports analyst firm Netmarketshare. According to its latest findings, only 29% of all users were still running Windows XP by the end of December 2013 – a double digit drop compared to figures from the previous year.
0 comments | 635 views
December 27, 2013
That was a spoiled Christmas indeed: six days prior to the festivities, Texas-based startup Calxeda – a company prominent for its plans to bring ARM chips to the server world – had to close its doors for lack of money.
0 comments | 640 views
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