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NickBown | 22.12.2018, 14:18
We have come across this issue as well, and don't seem to have found a way around it (the server is ...
NickBown | 20.12.2018, 18:40
Hi everyoneWe've got an RX2540 M1 which won't boot past the Fujitsu splash screen (which shows the i...
MarkM | 15.10.2018, 11:33
Hi there.I do not believe the Fujitsu policy on this subject has changed.So NO you can not order dri...


June 30, 2014
One year into the Snowden revelations, email encryption is still pretty much a minority sport in German enterprises, says a survey conducted by the Hamburg-based ARIS Umfrageforschung on behalf of BITKOM, Germany's industry association for information technology, telecommunications and new media.
0 comments | 699 views
June 30, 2014
Once confined to the software sector, the idea of open source is now gaining a foothold in hardware design as well, as more and more big Internet firms and service providers start to build their own, custom-made servers and storage. Social networking behemoth Facebook pushes even farther ahead, into the area of networking equipment.
0 comments | 1045 views
June 28, 2014
OnMetal Cloud Servers, a new service launched by hosting outfit Rackspace, combines cloud servers' on-demand convenience and scalability with the performance and total control of bare-metal servers. The offering is intended to make scaling more feasible for large or quickly-growing Internet businesses thinking about moving from colocation to cloud, or vice versa.
0 comments | 978 views
June 27, 2014
According to a new report published by McAfee and the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), cybercrime and cyber espionage cause annual global losses of $445 billion, depriving the Internet economy of a supposed 15 to 20% of its average 2 to 3 trillion dollar revenue. The report describes cybercrime and cyber espionage as "growth industries" with high returns and low risks, and warns that governments and companies alike still underestimate rising cyber risks.
0 comments | 640 views
June 20, 2014
The new 14-inch Fujitsu LIFEBOOK E544 and 15.6-inch LIFEBOOK E554 models provide new options for organizations with hundreds or thousands of notebooks in deployment, delivering comprehensive business features including enterprise-class security, a long-battery life with a choice of three different high-capacity battery packs and plus superb system performance at a competitive price.
0 comments | 967 views
June 17, 2014
Originally developed at UCLA's AMP Lab and first introduced to a wider public in spring 2012, Spark – the Apache Foundation's framework for data analytics cluster computing – quickly gained traction in the developer community and is now ready to "go gold."
0 comments | 641 views
June 13, 2014
Ever missed an important alert caused by one of your managed servers while you were away from your desk? Just load the FUJITSU Software ServerView® Status app on your mobile device and stay in contact with all essential server management information. The app presents the status of all your managed servers at a glance – clearly arranged and color-coded. Instantly notified about any status changes, you can intervene immediately as required.
1 comments | 1488 views
June 03, 2014
Fujitsu TechCommunity is excited to offer you three different ETERNUS DX Storage Webcasts over the course of the next five weeks.
0 comments | 1989 views
June 03, 2014
Portuguese security researcher Luis Grangeia has detected two source patches that modify the popular hostapd and wpa_supplicant programs and make them vulnerable to Heartbleed exploits.
0 comments | 890 views
May 30, 2014
Following several delays, NVIDIA has finally announced US-wide availability of its latest "monster" graphics card GeForce GTX Titan Z. First introduced at NVIDIA's GPU Technology Conference in March, it sports an impressive feature set at an equally impressive price.
0 comments | 977 views
May 30, 2014
Cloud service providers and operators of large websites have long developed a crush on MySQL, Oracle's open source RDBMS which it inherited as a result of the Sun Microsystems takeover in 2009/10. Since then, they have demanded that more high availability (HA) features be added to the software. With MySQL Fabric, Oracle meets these requests.
0 comments | 571 views
May 28, 2014
New VMware VMmark benchmarks demonstrate Fujitsu's virtualization pre-eminence in several different core classes using "matched-pair" configurations with the FUJITSU Server PRIMEQUEST 2800E.
0 comments | 883 views
May 27, 2014
Adobe has added a new chapter to its rather lamentable track record of security issues, this time with regard to its long-standing Shockwave Player multimedia application. According to security blogger Brian Krebs, the software bundle includes an outdated version of Adobe Flash that is over 15 months behind on security fixes.
0 comments | 738 views
May 21, 2014
Professionals who need to securely access their Windows applications directly from the cloud may now try this for free with their iPads, Android phones, and Windows or Mac laptops: just last week, Microsoft launched the preview of a new service called Azure RemoteApp. The general idea is to better integrate Windows apps with Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform and leverage its global reach and "utility-grade reliability" to provide a better user experience. At the same time, it's an effort to better connect the proverbial Windows world with other ecosystems.
0 comments | 766 views
May 15, 2014
In an IT-dependent economy, even the smallest firms will sooner or later acknowledge the benefits of server-based computing. Finding the right solution, however, is everything but easy, as many entry-level, mono-socket systems just don't pack enough of a punch to satisfy their computing needs. The FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1310 M1, on the other hand, does.
0 comments | 2216 views
May 13, 2014
Customers have warned SUSE developers of a critical vulnerability in the Linux kernel that allows local attackers to cause denial of service and/or escalation of privileges to attain root rights. Major distributors as well as the team at are working on a patch.
0 comments | 718 views
May 12, 2014
Fujitsu has announced the launch of the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX200F, an all-flash storage array that provides high-performance storage I/O and leverages the proven reliability of the ETERNUS DX S3 platform. All major components are redundant, including power supply and storage controller, to allow for continuous operations.
0 comments | 702 views
May 08, 2014
Western Digital subsidiary HGST (formerly known as Hitachi Global Storage Technologies) has introduced a new architectural concept for HDDs and SSDs: future drive generations will no longer use the SATA or SAS protocol to transfer data and connect to other devices, but Ethernet/IP instead. The idea is to enable users to seamlessly scale out their storage infrastructures – and to break up the traditional link between applications and servers in the long run.
0 comments | 836 views
May 06, 2014
For a good while, the proliferation of SSDs in the server and data center market has been hampered by both a lack in capacity and an unflattering cost per GB ratio. With its new Optimus MAX product line, SanDisk could soon put an end to such limitations.
0 comments | 876 views
May 05, 2014
Solaris fans have long feared that Oracle may at some point decide to phase out their favorite operating system. Four years after the merger with Sun Microsystems, however, this scenario is finally starting to look a little less likely, as the database-king-cum-full-fledged-ICT-vendor turns in its fourth version of Sun's legendary software platform – this time with a focus on cloud enhancements.
0 comments | 614 views
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