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GGiner | 16.09.2020, 19:02
Today I've spent several hours trying to access ServerView RAID Manager in one of our remote servers...
NunoCosta | 10.07.2020, 10:56
Hi Michel.Our troubleshooting team has no more information on this subject. However, if you need mor...
mlegrafleitas | 09.07.2020, 17:28
Hi Nuno,Very thanks for your response, the storage DX100 S5 is configure with 4 iSCSI CA for SAN red...


November 21, 2014
NVIDIA has properly used this week's SC14 in New Orleans to launch the Tesla® K80, a so-called dual-GPU accelerator which the firm claims to be the "fastest [...] for data analytics and scientific computing."
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November 20, 2014
At its Forum exhibition in Munich, Fujitsu has introduced its new 10.1 inch (25.7 cm) tablet STYLISTIC Q555, which is ideal for mobilized roles, particularly in enterprises or public authorities.
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November 19, 2014
At 9:00 AM today Mr. Tango Matsumoto, EVP and Head of Global Marketing at Fujitsu, and Brian David Johnson, Principal Engineer at Intel Corp. kicked off this year's Fujitsu Forum with keynotes about Human-Centric Innovation and how to design the future.
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November 19, 2014
Following last week's big repair day, Microsoft has launched another "out-of-band" patch for its server and desktop operating systems. The fact that Microsoft breaks with its usual monthly release schedule normally indicates that an update is truly critical.
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November 19, 2014
At the Fujitsu Forum in Munich, attendees may witness the dawning of a new era – with our new PRIMEFLEX brand of integrated systems, we serve up the building blocks for the business-centric data center today's customers require. PRIMEFLEX systems eliminate complexity, reduce risk through the faster deployment of more powerful data center technologies, and ultimately empower users to expand their business faster than they thought possible.
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November 18, 2014
Redmond's monthly security update cures massive ills in its server and desktop operating systems that affect all versions since Windows Server 2003 and Vista, respectively. Admins are urged to install the critical fixes on the spot.
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November 17, 2014
Just in time for this week's Forum, which opens up its gates on Wednesday, Fujitsu has added two top-of-the-line displays for professional scenarios to its growing peripherals portfolio.
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November 10, 2014
On November 19 and 20, 2014, the International Congress Center Munich (ICM) will host this year's Fujitsu Forum. TechCommunity members who won't be able to attend in person can follow the event across various social media platforms.
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November 08, 2014
Inspired by the ongoing debate about online privacy and confidential communication, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) has launched a new program to test the trustworthiness of instant messengers and online chat programs. The so-called Secure Messaging Scorecard is part of a greater "Campaign for Secure & Usable Crypto."
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November 06, 2014
A new edition of "I – Global Intelligence for CIO" is out and available at
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October 31, 2014
Starting tomorrow, a new licensing scheme will be implemented for the activation of iRMC S4-based ServerView options on PRIMERGY servers. License keys are now dedicated to a specific PRIMERGY system in a so-called "node-locked license." The new licensing scheme is applied to iRMC S4 Advanced Pack license keys ordered from November 1 as well as to all future license keys for iRMC S4-based ServerView options.
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October 31, 2014
Fujitsu's latest Storage webcast series has successfully taken place in September and October.
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October 27, 2014
Fujitsu simplifies the planning, implementation and execution of data backups for mid-sized businesses and those with branch offices and distributed operations: the FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS CS200c Integrated Backup Appliance provides "backup and archiving in a box." With the new system, channel partners can take advantage of the substantial growth rates for backup solutions in the mid-market.
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October 23, 2014
Market analysts at Gartner have noted a substantial downshift in tablet sales as consumers begin to show greater interest in smaller, more mobile devices such as phablets and low-budget smartphones.
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October 22, 2014
IT security specialists from Kaspersky Lab have published a warning on cyber criminals having obtained amounts into the millions by targeting multiple Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) worldwide via a specific malware, christened "Tyupkin" by the analysts.
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October 21, 2014
Fujitsu is opening its doors at the Fujitsu Forum 2014 – Europe's biggest IT-vendor event – on November 19 and 20 at the International Congress Center Munich (ICM). Under the theme 'Human-Centric Innovation', Fujitsu will demonstrate how the optimum combination of information, infrastructure and people helps organizations around the globe to achieve their goals and transform their businesses for sustainable success.
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October 20, 2014
While they may claim the opposite in public, many companies still encounter huge problems when trying to set up reliable cloud infrastructures and services. Sometimes the complexities of system definition, hardware integration and software deployment stop a project dead in its tracks; sometimes completed projects fail to yield the expected results. To help its customers avoid such troubles, Microsoft decided to build a hardware-based solution – known under the moniker "San Diego" – in spring 2013.
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October 06, 2014
Following first rumors that spread over the weekend, the PC and server market leader has officially announced plans to separate into two public companies. The idea behind the move is to disconnect the company's PC and printer divisions from its server, storage, networking, software and services business in order to "provide each new company with the focus, financial resources and flexibility to adapt quickly to market and customer dynamics while generating long-term value for shareholders."
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September 30, 2014
At a press event Tuesday evening Microsoft finally unveiled what is to be expected from its next-gen desktop OS. The four core messages are: A. It'll be called Windows 10. B. It's meant to be a common platform for all devices. C. It's likely to appear in mid-2015. And D. – yes, the start menu is back, albeit in slightly modified fashion.
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September 25, 2014
A new newsletter addressing leading IT managers is out under the name "I – Global Intelligence for the CIO," or for short.
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