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mario.lansys | 15.12.2021, 16:38
Great, Thanks.
Nuno.Costa | 15.12.2021, 16:26
Hi Mario.Yes, the disks and shelves are compatible between the DX200S3 and the DX200S4.Regards.
mario.lansys | 14.12.2021, 17:41
Hi Community,Can I use SSD disks from a DX200 S4 on a DX200 S3?Thanks.


January 17, 2020
Partnership to improve vehicle cybersecurity life-cycle management by leveraging both companies' technologies and expertise
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December 20, 2019
Fujitsu’s SELECT Partner Program has once again been named a channel champion in the latest Canalys Leadership Matrix– confirming that channel partners consider Fujitsu to be among the very best technology vendors to work with. For the third successive year, channel-focused analyst firm Canalys has recognized Fujitsu among its champions of the channel – highlighting quality of technical support and ease of doing business.
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December 19, 2019
On November 5th,  2019, we announced  the next generation of ETERNUS AF and ETERNUS DX entry and midrange systems, including two all-new ETERNUS storage systems. This Webcast will take you through the storyline of the new ETERNUS storage line-up, core messages and differentiators.    
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November 27, 2019
The disruptive nature of digital technology and its ability to drive hyper-agile, competitive new business models has enterprises in every industry embracing their own digital journeys.  To be prepared for the next step, organizations need to migrate to the digital core SAP S/4HANA by 2025.    
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November 14, 2019
Fujitsu offers 2 new models using Fugaku Technology worldwide, achieving high performance-per-watt
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November 11, 2019
FUJITSU ISM is set to be the new standard tool from Fujitsu when it comes to data center management. ISM is a single, unified platform, providing end-to-end visibility and control over multiple data centers, paving the way to a Software Defined Infrastructure    
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November 08, 2019
In partnership with Fujitsu, the BioSec Group - a Hungarian based biometrics company - showcased the biometric PalmSecure product line, the Fujitsu BioSec, at the Fujitsu Forum Munich 2019.
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October 31, 2019
Two hackers pleaded guilty in federal court on late Wednesday for a conspiracy to extract bounties from several companies, dating back to November 2016.
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October 30, 2019
tsClinical for SDTM Automation contributes to new drug development in Japan by supporting and promoting the use of electronic data application
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October 29, 2019
Fujitsu's new generation of Data Protection appliances bring high performance and agility to data backup and disaster recovery in Hybrid IT environments.    
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October 29, 2019
Unilever claimed it is saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year by using an artificial intelligence system to replace human recruiters. The change, however, is not easily accepted by everyone, especially by those that are against the spread of machine learning.
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October 28, 2019
Google claims that for the first time an advanced computer has achieved "quantum supremacy", surpassing the performance of conventional devices. But is it trully an historical milestone?
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October 24, 2019
Find out our brand new LinkedIn group created specifically for the TechCommunity. In an exclusive and trusted environment, you will get answers, share ideas, collaborate, and learn best practices.
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October 24, 2019
Fujitsu announced the development of an AI facial expression recognition technology that detects subtle changes in facial expression with a high degree of accuracy. It is more accurate at tracking complex facial expressions such as awkward giggles, nervousness or confusion.
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September 24, 2019
Microsoft workers are demanding the tech giant to end its contracts with fossil fuel companies. The group released a letter stating: "it's no longer possible for us to ignore Microsoft's complicity in the climate crisis".
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September 24, 2019
Why do you have the need to distribute your data and workloads? When to use what? What do the infrastructure options look like? What other aspects should you consider in your distributed landscape? Find out in the next TechCommunity webcast!    
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September 23, 2019
You missed you in this webcast, but if you weren't able to join, don't worry! The Recording is now available for you to stream and share!    
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September 02, 2019
The end of support for Windows 7 is around the corner — January 2020 — so the migration to Windows 10 with virtual desktops has begun.    
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July 29, 2019
A Cnet article brings us one of the topics of the moment – data security. Facebook’s scandals regarding users’ privacy are all over the news, and now it looks like the company won’t get away without paying a huge fine of 5 billion dollars.
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July 11, 2019
You weren't able to join? No problem, you can learn about how today's business world needs smarter meeting spaces — conference rooms which guarantee that meetings can start on time and can seamlessly and wirelessly connect all employees from any location. With an ESPRIMO MRE (Meeting Room Edition) running the Intel Unite® application, meetings always get off to a good start. Participants can easily view and interact with content in real time, and colleagues sitting side-by-side can even share screens wirelessly long after the meeting is over.
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