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NickBown | 22.12.2018, 14:18
We have come across this issue as well, and don't seem to have found a way around it (the server is ...
NickBown | 20.12.2018, 18:40
Hi everyoneWe've got an RX2540 M1 which won't boot past the Fujitsu splash screen (which shows the i...
MarkM | 15.10.2018, 11:33
Hi there.I do not believe the Fujitsu policy on this subject has changed.So NO you can not order dri...


February 08, 2015
Fujitsu is expanding its PRIMERGY dual-socket server line up with new models specifically designed to bring business growth to data centers whose overall expansion options are limited by energy and space restrictions.
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February 06, 2015
Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page – over the past decades, the IT industry has produced its own fair share of heroes and (evil) geniuses who fascinate people and eventually have a huge impact on the outside world beyond their garages, student dorms or R & D labs. So far, most of these stars were successful entrepreneurs and hailed from the U.S. However, there's an equally important group of people whose influence is often overlooked, and those are the ones who actually put the technology to work – the CIOs of global market leaders like Royal Dutch Shell, Volkswagen, Carrefour or Gazprom, all of which happen to be headquartered in Europe.
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February 05, 2015
"What's the point of technology? For Fujitsu, it's simple, it exists to make the world a better place." – With this brief Q&A, Stuart Crainer and Des Dearlove – renowned business journalists and former "Times" columnists – kick off a profound essay about Fujitsu's vision for "Business Strategy Review", the London Business School's magazine that regularly discusses "the latest business thinking."
0 comments | 1574 views
February 02, 2015
Spammers who build and exploit botnets, malware distribution via browser add-ons, and the Heartbleed bug posed the biggest threats to global cybersecurity in 2014 – that's the main takeaway from the latest edition of Cisco's yearly 'bug report' the networking giant put forth at the end of January. At the same time, ongoing reports about government surveillance overreach by the United States and their allies have spurred increasing demands for data sovereignty and data localization that could "restrict the flow of data across borders" and render existing global security strategies unusable.
0 comments | 1705 views
January 31, 2015
For a number of years now, Splash Data – a California-based provider of security and password management applications – has been publishing an "annual list of the 25 most common passwords found on the Internet." As may be expected, each new list casts a damning light on the state of password security. The latest edition, which was issued just a few days ago, is no exception to the rule.
0 comments | 1403 views
January 28, 2015
Researchers at the California-based security specialist Qualys, Inc. have detected a "serious weakness" in the GNU C Library (glibc) – the open-source edition of the C standard library – that renders Linux systems about as vulnerable to remote code execution as you'd expect from their Windows peers.
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January 22, 2015
Fujitsu has extended its popular LIFEBOOK notebook and STYLISTIC tablet product families with new devices featuring 5th-generation Intel Core vPro processors. With this fresh lineup, companies may offer their employees an even greater choice in selecting the device that best suits individual needs.
0 comments | 1764 views
January 17, 2015
Tech sites like ZDNet, The Register and Neowin have recently fueled speculations that Redmond may be working on a new browser code-named "Spartan" that's due to be launched as a part of Windows 10. Whether it will be a re-worked version of Internet Explorer (IE) or a different browser altogether is unclear at the moment; but most observers expect a hint or two during Microsoft's upcoming press event scheduled for Wednesday this week.
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January 14, 2015
Dubbed "the Economy Storage System for SMBs," the latest edition offers reliable performance and data protection at an affordable price.
0 comments | 773 views
January 14, 2015
A new edition of "I – Global Intelligence for CIO" is out and available at
0 comments | 571 views
January 13, 2015
Fujitsu starts into the New Year by adding two new members to its ETERNUS family of storage systems. The ETERNUS DX60 S3 disk storage system and the ETERNUS JX40 S2 storage subsystem were specifically designed for SMEs and branch offices and provide reliable functionality at an affordable price – just like their predecessors did. In addition, we will introduce several new ETERNUS functionalities.
0 comments | 652 views
January 12, 2015
Late last week, Microsoft's Drew McDaniel – who serves as the Principal Program Manager for Azure – informed customers that a new 'XXL' version of Azure VMs is now available on the US west coast and ready to appear in other markets at short notice.
0 comments | 1037 views
January 07, 2015
On the first day of this year's CES, chip giant Intel took center stage with the launch of its latest line of Core™ processors, based on the Broadwell microarchitecture and a 14-nanometer (nm) production process.
0 comments | 1909 views
January 05, 2015
Gartner researchers have confirmed and extended their forecast from last October that the 'tablet craze' of the past four years will eventually subside, with total market growth reaching one-digit levels. In addition, they predict a slight recovery in the PC segment.
0 comments | 641 views
December 31, 2014
...and so we wanted to take the opportunity to thank our community members and readers for the fantastic experience of the past 12 months and wish you all a happy, healthy and safe New Year, with maximum success in all your endeavors. "May the force be with you!"
0 comments | 524 views
December 29, 2014
Admins responsible for cloud storage and email security usually spend hundreds, if not thousands of sleepless nights worrying about the question whether their company's files and confidential information are truly safe or accessible to any ordinary hacker. Boston-based startup nCrypted Cloud claims it can help them avoid the worst symptoms of sleep deprivation by introducing easy-to-use, foolproof end-to-end encryption for as little as $10 per user and month – provided they work for companies based in the US.
0 comments | 3372 views
December 23, 2014
It's the holiday season again, and just like every year, ICT vendors are churning out new compute devices and electronics that sport a certain geek (or nerd) appeal. Far from being a buyer's guide, our little series introduces a few of the most convenient, innovative and useful gadgets to put under the tree.
0 comments | 650 views
December 21, 2014
It's the holiday season again, and just like every year, ICT vendors are churning out new compute devices and electronics that sport a certain geek (or nerd) appeal. Far from being a buyer's guide, our little series introduces a few of the most convenient, innovative and useful gadgets to put under the tree.
0 comments | 676 views
December 19, 2014
Microsoft Research announced that in early 2015 the code of Project Orleans, a programming framework designed for developing scalable and reliable cloud services, will become publicly available at GitHub.
0 comments | 2087 views
December 17, 2014
Fujitsu has introduced two new high end whisper-quiet workstations that extend its already comprehensive Made in Germany line-up. The powerful new CELSIUS R940 and CELSIUS M740 models satisfy the needs of IT professionals who work with the most demanding applications.
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