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Sep 14 2018

UShareSoft Announces New Multi-Cloud Application Blueprinting

UShareSoft, a Fujitsu company and leader in Hybrid IT application automation, has substantially enhanced its UForge AppCenter solution: the platform is now the only one in the market that enables IT teams to fully model both application stacks and their deployment infrastructure 'as code.' The idea here was to make it easier for enterprises to deploy and manage applications agnostically across multi-cloud environments, thus helping to increase business agility as part of digital transformation, without sacrificing governance and control.

Founded in 2008, UShareSoft, which is based in Grenoble, France, has specialized in delivery and migration solutions for hybrid IT infrastructures since its inception. The company was acquired by Fujitsu some three years ago and now leads our European cloud software R&D center.

According to its official profile, the company's mission hasn't changed since the takeover: The developers remain committed to making "software delivery easier and faster, whatever OS you're developing on and whatever deployment environment you're using: cloud, containers, bare metal, VMs... [The UForge AppCenter solution remains] ready for any cloud, 100% API coverage, integration with DevOps tools, integrated sharing and collaboration, support for containers and open source tools." So far, this mean that UForge enabled developer-operators to model full application stacks – i.e. operating system, middleware and enterprise software – as cloud-neutral templates. The latest release (version 3.8.6) now lets them integrate these templates into "blueprints" for complex application deployments, effectively adding the capability to emulate typical hardware/networking setups used by popular cloud service providers, a feature that's also known as "infrastructure as code." As a result, companies can easily transfer those setups from one virtualized environment or CSP to another. Future enhancements to the blueprinting function are expected to support sensor and policy integration, add self-monitoring and self-healing capabilities, and attach a 'switch' that helps admins move back and forth between different clouds if necessary. Currently, the UForge developers are working on aligning their product with Apache Brooklyn, a self-described open source framework for modeling, monitoring, and managing applications through autonomic blueprints.

The new UForge release also features a number of minor enhancements, including

  • Automated "one-click" migration of productive applications/live servers to cloud environments in a streamlined workflow
  • Support for Red Hat OpenShift, allowing users to publish Docker containers directly from UForge
  • Integration with HashiCorp's Vault tool for managing secrets to improve cloud security and block unauthorized access

UForge AppCenter 3.8.6 is available immediately. For detailed information, please visit the product page.


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