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Sep 09 2015

Fujitsu Introduces Data Protection Appliance for Hybrid IT

Back in the 1980s, remote backups were among the first commercial services offered on the then-burgeoning Internet – an early forerunner of modern delivery models. As the Internet matured, keeping copies of relevant, sometimes even sensitive data in what's now called "the cloud" became a common practice. However, sometimes the cloud works best with a little assistance from specialized local systems.

The FUJITSU Backup as a Service Rapid Recovery Appliance, which was first introduced in Munich earlier this month, is such a system. More precisely, it's intended to "enhance" Fujitsu's Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) offering, which is part of the company's Managed Infrastructure Services that operate 250,000 servers and protect 196 PB of data for clients from every corner of the world.

Technically speaking, the appliance is a pre-configured solution consisting of servers, storage and software that provides a link between traditional local backup and recovery scenarios and cloud-based strategies. The idea behind it was twofold – first, to ensure that customer data are not only stored in a safe place, but also promptly available for recovery, regardless of whether it is kept in the cloud or on premises; and second, to overcome the challenge of protracted data transfers from the cloud, which can lead to undue delays in recovery. By contrast, when deployed onsite, the FUJITSU Backup as a Service Rapid Recovery Appliance provides one local copy of backup data for immediate access and recovery at LAN speeds. At the same time, it automatically replicates relevant customer data to Fujitsu's secure cloud service for offsite disaster recovery protection, thus creating an extra security layer. What's more, both Fujitsu Backup as a Service and the new appliance optionally support deduplication and end-to-end encryption in order to limit bandwidth requirements and improve data security and privacy. All in all, the BaaS Rapid Recovery Appliance will work as a best-of-both-worlds solution that fuses the cost advantage of cloud backups with the speed edge of onsite disaster recovery – a virtually irresistible mix.

FUJITSU Backup as a Service and FUJITSU Backup as a Service Rapid Recovery Appliance are available globally. Pricing varies according to region. For more information, please see our BaaS Capability Overview and Rapid Recovery Appliance brochure (both in PDF format).


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