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Jun 22 2018

New GPU Benchmark Tool from Finland

Helsinki-based software and service company Basemark has introduced a new graphics performance evaluation suite that's useful for both consumers and IT departments.

According to official marketing materials, the aptly named Basemark® GPU is the "most versatile GPU performance evaluation tool on the market" and helps users test overall image quality, texture resolution, number of objects, geometry and effects on desktop and mobile devices. Version 1.0 supports all relevant APIs such as OpenGL 4.5, OpenGL ES 3.1, and Vulkan 1.0 across Windows, Android, and Linux as well as various embedded operating systems such as QNX and Integrity. Support for Apple's Metal and Microsoft's DirectX APIs will follow in future releases.

Basemark® GPU is based on the company's Rocksolid® graphics and compute engine that's typically used for industrial-grade rendering jobs in applications like CAD or AR. This enables it to simulate both UHD and Full HD quality "game-like" workloads you'd expect to run on mobile or stationary platforms. The tool was written in C++ and is therefore platform-independent.

Basemark® GPU is available in two editions, a free-of-charge consumer version and a corporate version intended for commercial use. The free version consists of a simple performance test and provides users with two types of GPU scores for native and offscreen workloads while allowing for running tests based on custom configurations. However, it doesn't break down test score details and won't let users run selective tests; these and other 'comfort functions' are only found in the corporate edition.

Basemark® GPU is available for download from the company website; Android users will find an adequate package in Google's Play Store. For Windows and Linux users, the downloads are also available as torrents, which can help to reduce download times.


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