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Sep 24 2016

PalmSecure ID Access Comes to Europe

Fujitsu has introduced PSN900, an off-the-shelf biometric device that can be used to replace or enhance existing facility access control, to markets in the EMEIA region.

With the help of the new device, organizations can now better protect their buildings and events. The easy-to-deploy PSN9000 builds on Fujitsu's award-winning, unique PalmSecure technology and includes a sleek terminal with integrated palm vein sensor and touchscreen. The PSN900 enables multi-factor authentication and is available in various configurations; options include incorporation of Mifare or HID proximity card readers. Alternatively, the device can be configured with just the PalmSecure sensor. The PSN900 quickly and easily integrates into existing hardware infrastructures.

Palm vein scans offer a higher degree of accuracy than traditonal authentication and access control methods – those based on PIN codes, passwords or access cards as well as those based on fingerprint or iris scans. The concept is user-friendly, hygienic and only minimally invasive; moreover, unlike with traditional access control/authentication solutions, there are no elements that can be lost, shared, duplicated or stolen. Businesses are able to link actions to specific individuals and can eliminate the wasted time associated with forgotten passwords.

Pricing and availability
PalmSecure ID Access solutions are available immediately in the EMEIA region. Pricing depends on country and configuration.


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