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Today I've spent several hours trying to access ServerView RAID Manager in one of our remote servers...
NunoCosta | 10.07.2020, 10:56
Hi Michel.Our troubleshooting team has no more information on this subject. However, if you need mor...
mlegrafleitas | 09.07.2020, 17:28
Hi Nuno,Very thanks for your response, the storage DX100 S5 is configure with 4 iSCSI CA for SAN red...
Oct 30 2017

Join Us at Fujitsu Forum!


Each November, Fujitsu hosts a two-day "live show" to give partners and customers an impression of what we're working on in terms of development and planned product releases and to unveil our vision for the future of the ICT industry and society in general. This year's event is scheduled for the second week of November and will focus on "Digital Co-Creation" as part of our greater quest for Human-Centric Innovation.

For several decades, the concept of "digital transformation" has shaped economies and societies all around the world. From the PC revolution of the 1980s to today's idea of being able to connect to colleagues, friends and relatives from anywhere at any time, organizations and individuals have infallibly followed this trend, at times outstripping a product's or technology's projected adoption rates in less than a year. On many occasions, however, neither ICT vendors nor their customers seem to be following a consistent plan or set of ideas about what they want to achieve – in fact, the job of devising and propagating such background info is often left to marketing and communications departments, media theorists or, in a worst-case scenario, a bunch of self-proclaimed trend scouts.

At Fujitsu, we opted for a different approach long ago. Based on the notion that customer (and not vendor) interests should always come first, we've developed the concept of Human-Centric Innovation. At the most basic level, this means we constantly strive to build ICT solutions that help solve real-world problems and therefore create societal and business value. For example, some five years ago we launched the Akisai Food and Agriculture Cloud, a solution that enables farmers to proactively respond to changing weather conditions as well as to produce a family of low-potassium lettuce that may be consumed by dialysis patients and others with chronic kidney conditions. It goes without saying that such an ambitious project exceeds the capabilities of a single vendor, and so we turned to Microsoft's Azure technology to build its underlying database. Likewise, we have collaborated with various technology partners to accelerate the development of fuel cell vehicles, improve public transportation systems and traffic safety, and fight air pollution in developing economies. But forward-looking as they were, these projects could only convey a weak sense of what might be possible in the next stage, when IoT and AI technologies are applied to serve a common good.

Advancing to this next level, however, will require an even greater ability and willingness to cooperate than all accomplishments we have seen so far. That's why this year's Fujitsu Forum will focus on the topic of Digital Co-Creation, i.e. on discussing the many and varied ways in which tech firms and organizations from other sectors can work together to create humane working environments and living conditions in this age of hyper-connectivity and Industry 4.0. To this end, we put together an exciting agenda of keynotes, breakout sessions, expert talks and hands-on co-creation sessions that explore how present and upcoming solutions can help companies and institutions redefine their lines of work. The list of topics covered includes hyper-convergence and software-defined data centers, usage scenarios for AR and VR, and the benefits that advanced authentication solutions and AI can bring to data protection and Big Data analytics. The Fujitsu Forum 2017 is scheduled for November 8 and 9 at the International Congress Center in Munich (ICM). To learn more and register for the event, please visit our Forum page at:

See you soon in Munich!


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