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Dec 16 2014

Gifts for Geeks, Pt. 2: FUJITSU Mobile Bluetooth Communication Speaker


It's the holiday season again, and just like every year, ICT vendors are churning out new compute devices and electronics that sport a certain geek (or nerd) appeal. Far from being a buyer's guide, our little series introduces a few of the most convenient, innovative and useful gadgets to put under the tree.

Film buffs, gamers, kids and music fans alike all enjoy getting CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays or more recently Spotify and Netflix subscriptions for Christmas. While the media, client software and streaming services will easily play on modern computers, there's almost always the risk that listening/watching/playing will be a drag due to the poor sound quality of built-in speakers. Sure, you could use headphones or external sound systems – but then who really wants to deal with cabling, or permanently log out of the conversation on one of the rare occasions where the whole family gets together each year? So, if you don't wish to spoil the presentees' fun, but want everyone rocking around the Christmas tree instead (or sit in awe and fall silent), why not put proper mobile audio into their Christmas stockings?

Fujitsu's rich selection of accessories offers the right solution in the form of the Mobile Bluetooth Communication Speaker (pictured above). Measuring just 65 x 65 x 49 millimeters (with a cone diameter of 45 mm), it's about the size of a tennis ball and weighs nearly twice as much – 100 grams. With 4 watts of audio power (RMS), it easily beats most built-in speaker sets, but stays at a reasonable level so as not to frighten the sensitive. And thanks to the integrated telephone functionality, no one will miss a call from friends, relatives or occasionally colleagues and bosses who want to wish them Merry Christmas.

The red and black speaker connects to any mobile device via Bluetooth, thus making it easy to switch between people's playlists. Alternatively, it hooks up to your desktop, laptop or regular audio equipment via a USB cable, so that it may charge while you listen if the battery's low. Standalone battery runtime amounts to 5 hours max, charging takes about 3.

Fujitsu's Mobile Bluetooth Communication Speaker is available from our European online shops, along with other sound systems. Pricing varies by country.


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