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mario.lansys | 15.12.2021, 16:38
Great, Thanks.
Nuno.Costa | 15.12.2021, 16:26
Hi Mario.Yes, the disks and shelves are compatible between the DX200S3 and the DX200S4.Regards.
mario.lansys | 14.12.2021, 17:41
Hi Community,Can I use SSD disks from a DX200 S4 on a DX200 S3?Thanks.
Feb 14 2020

Fujitsu Workstations Take 3D Power Users to the Next Level


Fujitsu introduces two new workstations, optimized for power users in the engineering and creative industries – meeting the highest demands for exceptional performance, and design excellence.

The new FUJITSU Workstation CELSIUS M7010 and CELSIUS M7010X models are created for high-end 3D CAD and CAE modelling in engineering and manufacturing. They also provide visual virtuosity for tasks in the Media and Entertainment industries including video production, VFX/SFX, creative design and advertising. Equipped with the very latest Intel technology, the workstations enable greater productivity. In turn, this creates faster processing of visualization workloads, and allows for the faster processing of large datasets in machine and deep learning algorithms or during computational workloads.

The workstation CELSIUS M7010 with the latest Intel Xeon CPU offers a comprehensive menu of configurations ideal for a wide selection of workloads – whether this is high-end engineering, professional video post-production or developing AI algorithms. Featuring the Intel Core i9 X-Series processors, the CELSIUS M7010X is ideal for creative designers who want to take advantage of the superior performance and stability of a workstation.

Fujitsu precision engineering, including tri-channel thermal management to keep all components running at optimal temperatures, results in the new models being among the most silent and reliable workstations in their respective classes. The CELSIUS M’s award-winning design also means the best-ever accessibility for easy upgradability and expandability.

To find out more please visit: CELSIUS M7010; CELSIUS M7010X.


Nuno Costa


About the Author:

Nuno Costa

Senior Channel Business Development Associate


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