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tbckr | 08.03.2017, 12:02
Hello Magpie,Fujitsu support tells us that the FUTRO L620 offers one Ethernet port (RJ-45) as descri...
Magpie | 03.03.2017, 22:38
Does an option/capability exist to utilize fiber optic NIC interface with FUTRO L620 exist?
St.Jo | 20.02.2017, 09:42
Quote from JosepLluisAG:On the other hand, note that now it is activated through the space bar ...
Apr 19 2017

TechCommunity Storage WebTalk: "Meet FUJITSU ETERNUS DX S4 – Storage Unchained!"


Are your SME customers looking for storage systems that will easily adapt to any demand in terms of growth, business continuity, and efficiency? Then our upcoming webcast about the key advantages of Fujitsu's new ETERNUS DX S4 disk storage systems is a must.

Until the mid-2000s, storage systems were often perceived as auxiliary means companies needed to assist their applications, but that were otherwise uninteresting at best. Nowadays, no cloud solution or service would function as expected without a proper storage base – the systems have moved from the fringes to the very core of our data centers. That's not only true for large enterprises: most small and medium businesses wouldn't be successful if they didn't operate IT infrastructures that can compete with the best.

Fujitsu's ETERNUS DX disk arrays have provided SMBs with a solid storage foundation for roughly a decade. During that time, we – and our systems – have learned a lot. One of the key lessons was that truly modern storage systems had to be more than mere data dumps that could hold tons and megatons of information. If applications and servers are to deliver their best performance, then storage systems must do the same – and that means, they have to be adaptable to changing demands regarding growth, business continuity, and efficiency. That's why overtime we have equipped these systems with a host of smart features and functions, such as Automated Storage Tiering (AST) and Automated Quality of Service Management (Auto QoS). Our new generation of ETERNUS DX S4 storage systems continues in the same vein, adding new capabilities to an already flexible and responsive platform: these systems literally understand users' business objectives.

Just how these systems support ever-growing volumes of business data while still giving customers' employees and clients fast, non-stop and secure access to the information they need will be the topic of our upcoming TechCommunity Storage WebTalk "Storage Unchained – ETERNUS DX S4" in mid-May. In it, your host René Hübel, Senior Product Marketing Manager Storage, will explain how we integrated disk and flash storage into the perfect example of a "set-and-forget" system that will adapt to any capacity, speed and security demands and still sells for an affordable price.

This WebTalk is scheduled for Friday, May 12, at 10:00 AM CET. To register for this event, please log into your TechCommunity account and follow the link you'll see at the end of this article (TechCommunity membership required!).

Important information: To retain your SELECT Expert status, you must renew your certification on an annual basis. Now we have made the re-certification process even more meaningful and beneficial by providing multiple re-certification paths you can choose from. One of them is through the TechCommunity Webcasts that keep you up to date on key technological topics. TechCommunity Webcasts are offered to our SELECT Partner Program members on strategic and technical channel topics around Fujitsu Portfolio. For this webcast, you can receive one re-certification point for Data Management Expert specialization re-certification.

Please note that this additional rule does not restrict your right to participate in any way; this webcast is still open for all registered TechCommunity members!

TechCommunity Storage WebTalk: “Meet FUJITSU ETERNUS DX S4 – Storage Unchained!”– registration:

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