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Jan 14 2015

Fujitsu Launches Third-Gen ETERNUS DX60


Dubbed "the Economy Storage System for SMBs," the latest edition offers reliable performance and data protection at an affordable price.

The new FUJITSU Storage ETERNUS DX60 S3 was designed to bring cost-effective scalability to small and medium-sized enterprises struggling with ever-increasing data management needs. Among its highlights, it provides faster host interfaces, greater performance, a better price/performance ratio, twice the cache size, and enhanced snapshot and replication functions compared to its predecessor. It also offers improved support for virtualized server environments plus high-end features such as Thin Provisioning, which are usually only found in more expensive, enterprise-class systems. Flexible support for different network connections and disk types enables choice in cost and performance optimization.

The ETERNUS DX60 S3 comes in two different configurations, either with 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch disks and matching controllers; mixed configurations are not available. It may be equipped with up to 2 controllers with 4 host interfaces plus a maximum of 24 SAS or nearline SAS drives. Physical storage capacity maxes out at 144 TB. The system connects to as many as 128 hosts at once via Fibre Channel, iSCSI or SAS connectors and can hold up to 512 copy generations and 1,024 different snapshots. In addition, it supports six different RAID levels (0, 1, 1+0, 5, 5+0, and 6) and offers advanced functionalities such as the energy-saving Eco mode and Thin Provisioning. The comprehensive feature set also includes dedicated and global hot spares (reserve disks); check codes for data block integrity; cache protection; support for HTTPS/SSL, OTPs, RADIUS and SSH; and an optional reporting function. Finally, the ETERNUs DX60 S3 allows for dynamic configuration, including non-disruptive firmware upgrades and RAID migration, as well as for easy field model upgrades to the next-in-size ETERNUS DX100 S3. The ETERNUS SF Express storage management suite, which may be upgraded to the full ETERNUS SF version if necessary, is also part of the package.

Fujitsu positions the new ETERNUS DX60 as a scalable entry-level disk storage system that leaves ample headroom for future growth and thus provides a "perfect storage solution for consolidation of distributed data and for smaller server virtualization projects." The system is available immediately; pricing varies by configuration.

For more details and a glimpse at Fujitsu's storage strategy, please see the data sheet and the related press release.


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