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Dec 15 2014

Fujitsu Launches PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop

Enterprises of all sizes would like to explore the treasure chest residing right at their fingertips in the form of Big Data stored within their organization. However, for many the first steps towards implementing an adequate solution look unnecessarily complicated. Fujitsu's PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop helps them overcome the worst difficulties.

Following the general introduction of the PRIMEFLEX solution family at this year's Forum, Fujitsu is now presenting each of its members one by one. Among the first bundles to leave the conceptual stage is PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop, a powerful, scalable platform for Big Data that pairs the conveniences of pre-configured and pre-tested hardware with the economic advantages of open source software. The plan is to streamline the handling of Big Data and reign in the tsunami of information they present to unsuspecting organizations without luring them into blowing their infrastructures out of reasonable proportion. Hence PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop consists of a dedicated all-in-one hardware cluster that easily integrates into existing environments and relies on tried and tested open source software – namely, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Cloudera Enterprise or Express, and Datameer 5.0 – for processing and analyzing the heaps of information stored within companies' repositories. PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop builds on PRIMERGY servers and is available in three different configurations:

  • The entry configuration consists of four PRIMERGY CX250 S2 dual-socket nodes built into a CX400 S2 shell and equipped with a total of eight six-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2630L v2 processors, 64 GB of main memory, and 28.8 TB of storage space. The four units transfer data via a 10GbE cross connection.
  • The "Rack XXL Configuration" may include up to 17 PRIMERGY RX2520 M1 servers connected via two 10GbE top-of-rack switches. Each server features two octo-core Intel® Xeon® E5-2450 v2 processors, 128 GB of RAM, and ten 4 TB SATA HDDs. In total, this amounts to 272 CPU cores, 2.2 TB of RAM and 680 TB of storage space in the maximum configuration. However, customers who are interested in deploying the solution, but don't want to start at the entry level, can simply order a base configuration containing a single server rack. As may be concluded from these specifications, the Rack XXL Configurations are designed to accommodate storage-intensive applications.
  • The "Power Rack Configuration" was created to suit compute-intensive Big Data analytics and may contain up to 60 PRIMERGY CX2550 M1 built into 15 CX400 M1 enclosures. Like their Rack XXL counterparts, these servers feature two octo-core Intel® Xeon® processors (this time of the E5-2640 v3 variety), but come with 64 GB of main memory and 28.8 TB storage space per unit just like the entry-level sets. This makes for 960 cores, 3.8 TB of RAM, and 432 TB disk capacity on a full-fledged system.

Both bigger configurations also include at least four PRIMERGY RX200 servers that are required as extra nodes to run Hadoop and analytics as well as management services.

PRIMEFLEX for Hadoop is available for order starting today, as a ready-to-run integrated system for on premise use. A cloud version will follow in 2015. Pricing depends on individual configurations.


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