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Dec 17 2014

FUJITSU CELSIUS R940, M740: "Whisper-Quiet" High-End Workstations


Fujitsu has introduced two new high end whisper-quiet workstations that extend its already comprehensive Made in Germany line-up. The powerful new CELSIUS R940 and CELSIUS M740 models satisfy the needs of IT professionals who work with the most demanding applications.

Equipped with top-of-the-line components such as third-generation of Intel® Xeon® processors, DDR4 memory, the latest graphics cards from AMD or NVIDIA, and Fujitsu's own, turbo-fast PCIe SSD drives with up to 512 GB storage capacity, both models are clearly designed for performance-hungry power users. And, thanks to an optimized thermal management system that uses air tunnels to improve airflow within the system, these customers no longer have to deal with "roaring" workstations; in fact, peak noise levels for the CELSIUS R940 and CELSIUS M740 range from 21 to 23 dB(A), which means both machines generate less heat and are much quieter under full load than the ambient noise in open-plan office spaces. At the same time, both are ideally suited to run highly compute-intensive tasks, as these descriptions show:

  • The FUJITSU CELSIUS R940 is a scalable, dual-processor workstation comprising third-generation Xeon® E5-2600 CPUs with up to 18 cores each, a maximum of 1 TB RAM in 16 memory slots, and up to eight 2.5 inch or four 3.5 inch HDDs; this basic setup may be complemented with Intel Xeon Phi™ co-processors for users who run HPC applications with highly parallel workloads, for example in bioinformatics, computational chemistry, super-resolution processing, and climate modeling. In terms of connectivity, it offers 10 SATA ports, 8 PCIe slots (thereof 4 x PCIe 3.0 x16), a total of nine USB 2.0 and four USB 3.0 slots, plus a variety of audio interfaces and Ethernet. Regarding graphics/GPGPU cards and co-processors, customers can choose between AMD FirePro™ and NVIDIA Quadro®, Tesla™ or GRID™ cards; moreover, the R940 features Fujitsu's temperature-controlled active cooling solution, which ensures that NVIDIA's server-class GRID™ cards run quietly inside a tower PC. The CELSIUS R940 is compatible with Windows® Server 2012 as well as Linux (certified for Red Hat and SUSE). The workstation was designed for multi-threaded, multi-processor applications such as simulation, VR or electronic design and perfectly fits into any HPC, automation or virtualization scenario.
  • The FUJITSU CELSIUS M740 is a highly configurable single-processor system offering a maximum capacity of 256 GB RAM, up to eight 2.5 inch or four 3.5 inch HDDs, and 7 PCIe slots (thereof 2 x PCIe 3.0x16). This configuration is particularly well-suited for demanding single-processor applications like CAD/CAE and financial analysis, or – if paired with a combination of NVIDIA Tesla and Quadro GPUs – for synchronous design and visualization. On top of that, it is has been tested and certified for compliance with medical EMC standards, and also obtained certifications from a broad range of ISVs.

Like almost all workstations in Fujitsu's CELSIUS portfolio, the two new models are built to run in 24/7 operating environments. Given these characteristics and feature sets, they meet the demands of target customers in many vertical industries, especially healthcare, engineering, manufacturing, architecture, energy, and media & entertainment.

The FUJITSU CELSIUS R940 and M740 have been available internationally since mid-November, directly from Fujitsu or from our channel partners. Prices vary by region, model and configuration. For more information and detailed configuration options, please see the press release and the data sheets. A thorough technical review is available from


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