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NickBown | 20.12.2018, 18:40
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Feb 24 2015

Server Management: New White Paper on ServerView® Integration Packs

Five decades after computer systems made their entry into companies and 30 years after adopting the client/server model, many IT departments still tend to have a hard time setting up consistent server management processes. System integration in particular appears to be a sore spot.

The desire for company-wide, consistent IT management has existed since the digital revolution of the 1980s pushed computers to the most isolated company offices. Consequently, users soon began to fear rank growth. The introduction of the client/server model was an early attempt to prevent an uncontrolled hardware sprawl and streamline the emerging network architectures so as to minimize administration and maintenance efforts. The concept was an instant hit and has since been adopted by billions of users: today, every other home office and WLAN is grouped around a file or media server, and pretty much everybody relies on cloud services while on the go.

Its gigantic success notwithstanding, the client/server model has reached its limits time and againespecially in heterogeneous networks with legions of different server models and operating system versions. Integrating these platforms has always been considered the most challenging part of IT management, and so it's only logical that server manufacturers have tried to provide customers with adequate tools to support the process. But unfortunately, many of these suites were (and are) mainly optimized to accommodate products of their own brand and don't play particularly well with gear from other vendors. By contrast, Fujitsu's ServerView® Suite comes with a set of special 'plug-ins' for the most popular management platforms – namely, Microsoft System Center, VMware vSphere/vCenter, and Nagios/Icinga – that use standardized protocols and interfaces to interact with other management systems. Just like the suite itself, these plug-ins – called Integration Packs – are refreshed on a regular basis. An overview of how they work and which third-party management tools they cooperate with can be found in our new white paper on "FUJITSU Software ServerView® Suite Integration Packs," which is available for download here.


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