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DavidServIT | 18.10.2017, 10:57
Thank you Mr. Rasche!Your answer was most helpful and it resolved this issue.Have a nice day!Regards...
D.Rasche | 13.10.2017, 11:22
Hi David,look like you have hit the max capacity that has been set for Thin Provisioning (AST is bas...
DavidServIT | 02.10.2017, 22:14
Hi Storage guys,IHAC with DX100S3 with AST licence and 2 tiers of disk already working (SSD 400GB an...
Oct 16 2017

Alert: TechCommunity WebTalk “Become Digital for a Human-Centric Society”


In building a human-centric society, data centers serve as the 'beating hearts' of an IT infrastructure that supports this cause. For most organizations this means that no matter how big or how small they are, they still need to operate on-premises hard- and software installations – that is, the right servers equipped with the right applications – alongside and integrated into Hybrid IT and Cloud environments, at least in certain key areas.

To help organizations fulfill this mission, Fujitsu is further expanding its server portfolio with new and redesigned additions to our PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST product families. In this webcast, we'll explain how these new systems will help you bring added value to your customers. Our provisional agenda looks like this:

• Introduction
• "Digitalization" and its impact on IT infrastructures
• Highlights from the real world
• Overview of news across the portfolio: RX2520, TX2550, PQ3x00E
• Collateral updates, V4Y codes, toolkits, where to find what, marketing information...
• Q & A Session

This webcast is scheduled for Thursday, October 26, at 10:00 AM CEST. Your hosts will be Marcel Schuster, Offering Marketing Manager Datacenter Server, Aswin Shankar, Offering Marketing Expert Datacenter Server, and Nitin Sitaram, Offering Marketing Expert Datacenter Server. To register for this event, please go to:

Important info: Participation in our WebTalks provides an extra path for SELECT Experts to gather points that are required for your annual re-certification, in this case for those among you who are server specialists. In other words, all arguments speak for attending this session!


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