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Aug 07 2017

TechCommunity WebTalk: “New Hybrid Cloud Expert Specialization”


A couple of years ago, Fujitsu introduced Catalog Manager as the standard portal technology for cloud offerings. The move was particularly relevant with regard to our PRIMEFLEX solutions, since many of these are no longer pure on-premises affairs, but need to be ready for hybrid cloud configurations. Therefore, we recently made the Catalog Manager available in System Architect under the Enterprise Service Catalog Manager (ECSM) brand.

To enable our channel partners accordingly, we have created the new "Hybrid Cloud Expert Specialization" for ECSM. To use the system to their best advantage, partners who wish to become (or already are) SELECT Experts on Hybrid Cloud need to know how to customize the Catalog Manager, understand how to include a service and expose it, do a pricing model and generate a revenue stream. Only then will they be able to utilize ECSM as a true hybrid cloud enabler for PRIMEFLEX solutions and more importantly, act as trusted advisors in this context. Our upcoming webcast provides the necessary insights to immediately start this line of work.

This TechCommunity WebTalk is scheduled for Wednesday, September 13, 2017, at 10:00 AM CEST. Your host is Georg Houben, Business Development, Private Cloud Infrastructures at Fujitsu. To register for this event, please log into your TechCommunity account and follow the link you'll see below (TechCommunity membership required!).


TechCommunity WebTalk: “New Hybrid Cloud Expert Specialization”– registration:

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