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GGiner | 14.06.2017, 11:03
Hi, have you try to get into BIOS setup and modify the main VGA used. To gain Access to BIOS just pr...
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Jul 22 2017

TechCommunity WebTalk: “New PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST Systems and How They Help Companies Thrive in a Digital World”


As our society becomes increasingly digital, cloud services, IoT, and technologies such as machine/deep learning or artificial intelligence are perceived as the prime innovators of the next decade. As a result, the pace at which organizations can pick up on this development is of paramount importance. Fujitsu's new dual- and multi-socket server systems will open up the fast track into any organization's digital future.

With the above-named services and solutions maturing, their impact on the data centers of tomorrow can hardly be overestimated: Nowadays, even companies that weren't too concerned with the state of their IT infrastructure have realized that its reliability, flexibility and performance are quickly becoming critical success factors. In our upcoming WebTalk, we offer substantial insights on what you can expect from Fujitsu's latest-generation PRIMERGY and PRIMEQUEST servers coming to market in the first half of July and how they benefit our mutual customers. Get an overview of how these Skylake/Purley-based systems can accommodate a wide range of diverse business needs – and how you can kick off a discussion about hardware upgrades.

This TechCommunity WebTalk is scheduled for Thursday, July 27, at 10:00 AM CEST. Your hosts Timo Lampe (Offering Marketing Manager Datacenter Server), Marcel Schuster (Offering Marketing Manager Datacenter Server), Aswin Shankar, (Offering Marketing Expert Datacenter Server) and Manju Annie Oommen (Offering Marketing Expert Datacenter Server Management) have the following agenda planned for you:

  • Introduction
  • Digitalization and its impact on IT infrastructures
  • Case study highlights: road, water, air, rail
  • Overview of news across the portfolio: CX400 w/ ToR, ISM, RX2530, RX2540, RX4770, PQ3800B
  • Collateral updates, V4Y codes, toolkits, where to find what, marketing information...
  • Q & A

To register for this event, please sign in to your TechCommunity account and follow the link you'll see below (TechCommunity membership required).

“The new PRIMERGY + PRIMEQUEST systems and how they help to thrive in a digital world”– registration:

Don't forget: For participating in this webcast, channel partners will receive one re-certification point for their Server Expert Specialization re-certification! To retain SELECT Expert status, channel partners must renew their certification on an annual basis. Now we have made the re-certification process even more meaningful and beneficial by providing them with multiple re-certification options to choose from. One of these are our TechCommunity Webcasts that keep partners up to date on key technological topics. TechCommunity Webcasts are offered to our SELECT Partner Program members on strategic and technical channel topics around the Fujitsu Portfolio.


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