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SSD detailled info
14.05.2015, 17:23
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I'm selling an E754 Lifebook and we're thinking about adding a second SSD HD on the modular bay. I have been checking prices and as on System Architect or even on the extranet there's no info about S26391-F1313-L820 and S26391-F1313-L830 SSD HDs I have no argument to recommend my costumer the Fujitsu HDDs against the ones we can get elsewhere. I've found a small info on whitepapers for CELSIUS and ESPRIMO HDs but there's no info about Endurance and if that info applies to Lifebooks HDs.

Also, someone at Fujitsu should think about adding somekind of version info or at least the data when a datasheet has been last modified (ds-Hard-Disk-Drives.pdf for exemple, no idea about if the Info there it's up to date or not). That could be very useful for us and surely easy to add.

Many thanks,

Guillermo Giner

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