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Fujitsu Lifebook S7110 - no POST & no boot
23.01.2015, 17:06
hello 2 all

power on and after a few seconds

1xbeep pause 3x beeps pause 3x beeps pause 1x beep

is there any procedure that we can try to recovery the notebook !


4 all the suggestions

bst rgds


25.01.2015, 12:11  /  Latest edited: 25.01.2015, 12:11
( 11 )
As far as I could have checked,it seems your notebook installs a Phoenix BIOS:
And here you've got the beep error codes for a Fujitsu Phoenix BIOS:
So, seems Autosize DRAM error. What does it means? Just google it, "Autosize DRAM error BIOS" and check several close cases, my firts view seems something about RAM Dimms. So surely you will have to play a plug&test game with several compatible memory modules. Hope that helps you.

25.01.2015, 15:01
hello Guillermo

thanks 4 your help

unfortunately i've already tried with different RAM, and even with one that i "borrow" from an workimg S7110 and the prob persist's.

iv'e already disconnected the Cmos Batt 4 more than 24h and nope.

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