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M532 and Android 4.0
05.09.2014, 09:05
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Good morning,
we need to make some testing on a M532 runnig Android 4.0. Actually we've got one Wi-Fi model with 4.1.1 installed so we'll need to reinstall it with a lower version and then make some updates. I've found on Fujitsu website the download for Open Source Software Android JellyBean, says version 3.1.10 date 30.05.13 that makes no sense to me if it's really a JellyBean that should mean above 4.0. There are also some updates, one from 21.05.13, version 14539 (also no sense an update that has a date prior to the base download) and a second one from 13.06.14 version 14539. Also no clue about if it's a 4.2.2, 4.1.1 or whatever. Could someone tell us how we can install Android 4.0 and download the proper filesConfused Will be nice if the info for the downloads could be more accurate, many times you have to download and test instead of just read. Many thanks.

08.09.2014, 10:45
( 6 )
Hi Guillermo,

Thank you very much for the inquiry. The downgrade to Android 4.0 should be possible. For details, please contact your local service desk via . Please understand we cannot give any details here.

With best regards

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