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Q704 us Surface 3
28.07.2014, 13:28  /  Latest edited: 28.07.2014, 13:30
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There's any plan to have any configuration for the Q704 or a new model that could be a real competition to Microsoft Surface 3.
Surface 3 it's 12" with a resolution of 2160x1440 3:2, 4GB of RAM, HD of 64/128/256/512 and processors i3/i5/i7 (not clear which ones). One USB 3.0, microSD, mini DP, dock port for keyboard, 29,21x20,14x0,91 mm and 798 gr. Prices go 799€ 64Gb/i3, 128GB/i5 999€, 256GB/i5 1299€, 256GB/i7 1549€ and 512GB/i7 1949€ (taxes included).
Q704 has a little bigger display 12,5" but less resolution, just 1920x1080 16:9. 1 more micro USB 2.0 but no video output on Tablet mode. Ok we can offer IP5X and UMTS/LTE connection, better services and the full keyboard instead of the type Cover. But the Fujitsu weight goes from 0,980 to 1,032 Kg without keyboard and we go quite higher on prices in front of Microsoft. Even if we try to replicate the Microsoft configuration on System Architect with no GPS, no UMTS,... we go much more than doble Price so nothing to doConfused Any planning for thatConfused

Thansk very much.

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