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Timings complaint
23.07.2014, 11:05  /  Latest edited: 24.07.2014, 07:56
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This is a complaint about timings serving Fujitsu equipments in general not only mobile devices. I work in Spain and I found that this issue it's starting to become important enough for us to start selling other vendors instead of Fujitsu.
I have spoke to our commercials here in Spain but they say there's not much to do about timing and how everything works. I completly disagree.
Let me explain how it works. Partners like us must buy equipments across authorized distributors (four in Spain case). There's a supposed compromise to have some stock of nearly all the equipments published on Value4You but that's not always true. In fact, nearly 30-50% of the equipments are not directly available for selling in most cases during a month.
If there's no stock for a equipment or peripheral, timing to receive it across distribuitors it's at least three weeks (the same as Made4You) which it's a completly nonsense.
We've created our own stock for peripherals, in order to avoid that and be able to offer some cross selling, but we can't stock all the equipments and complements cause that's not our duty.
Hopefully complements for equipments (options on System Architect) could be asked as spare parts across experts partners. That will mean just 24 to 48 hours to receive it, but that's not the way that things should work. If experts partners can access components in 24-48 hours why we must wait for three weeks if we ask them across authorized distributorsConfused
Augsburgs, Augsburg we've got a problem here!!!
It is also a nosense to wait for three weeks for a Valeu4You equipment that it's suppossed to be ready to sell somewhere cause it's a preconfigured equipment. In other case it will be just a Made4You equipment because the price it's really the same as in the ones shown on System Architect and time to receive it it's just the same. We're loosing sells because of stock issues cause many times people want a equipment and wants it nearly right now. In many cases if we must wait for three to four weeks we don't offer that equipment and try to find any other that could be served on time. So, maybe someone should talk with distributors and partners ask for that issues and try to find solutions because we're not so far away from Augsburg!!!!

25.07.2014, 10:59
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Dear Guillermo,

Thank you very much for your feedback to us. The right contact person from Fujitsu will contact you to address your concerns.

Best regards
Your Fujitsu TechCommunity Team

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