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Harddrive Lifebook E754
26.03.2014, 17:03
How can I change the harddrive from Lifebook E754

22.04.2014, 10:47
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Hi railen,

To replace the hard disk in the LIFEBOOK E754, please proceed as follows:

1. Turn the LIFEBOOK E754 over for access to the bottom side where you will find the service door.

2. Open the hard disk drive service door by loosening the screw. You should then be able to easily take out the current hard drive.

3. Insert the new hard drive and close the service door by tightening the screw.

Please forgive the late reply - we hope it still helps.

With best regards,

24.04.2014, 21:30
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A few weeks ago I also had to change the drive of a Lifebook 780. It really is as easy as Thomas stated, I call it "elephant-in-fridge" solution (how do you get an elephant into the fridge? open door, put elephant in, close door)

Of course, when you order it, you have to check that the drive has the proper specs to be connected to the SATA port of the Notebook. The drive itself is mounted in a small carrier that is held by the screws of the notebook casing itself.

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